I was born in 1976 . I make comic books– King city, Escalator, Universe so Big, Pillow fight, Perverts of the unknown and Multiple warheads (I’m working on that one now.)

You can contact me at: royalboiler at hotmail dot com

I drew this on my 33rd Bbay.

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  2. Akshay Dhar says:


    Just a fan from India wanting send you some thanks and a good word.

    Im a big fan of King City as and when I can get a copy and read it (I have read the more recent few by downloads because waiting was too painful – but I do buy as much as I can afford of comics I enjoy!) and after visiting your blog learned about Multiple Warheads.
    As a comic writer with only 2 one-shots out so far and my first series on the horizon, I want to say (no cheese intended) that you are an inspiration simply because you tell great stories in quite an unconventional way and still come out looking better then most of the safer approaches that we see week in and week out. And for me coming from where I do and writing odd-ball and unconventional comics for the market Im selling in, well… you get the idea I hope.

    Thanks loads and I wait with bated breath for the next installment of King City and wish there could be so much more faster but having worked on the other side of the comic process I respect the effort and time it takes to make a good book.

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    • Brandon says:

      Cool thanks a lot Akshay.
      King city is all done now with 12 issues, I wont be offended if you download them from somewhere– I appriciate the nice words.

  3. ILYA says:

    Brandon, I was a big fan of the original T’Pop KING CITY volume, overjoyed to see it come out and get completed through IMAGE, but have only just now – finally! – sat and read through the doozy of a dozen. And a grand monument it makes – filled with the sheer joy (and hard work!) of making comics pages. It has made for a pleasant afternoon and inspires in me a hunger to try harder. Hope Multiple Warheadz is not too far away now. I crave another fix. You are the punmeister. Thank you.

  4. David Bird says:

    Just pulled Multiple Warheads out of the longbox for another read. I hope there’s more on the way.

  5. Ricardo Pryke says:

    Im a big fan from the uk just wanted to say I really like your work your art really inspires me!
    Im finding it difficult too find quite a few of your books is there any places you can recomennd me too find them (If not no worrys)
    I just love the world you create in your comics and love too actually get a copy of them too cherish 🙂
    anyway keep up your amazing work I love it !

    • Brandon says:


      I’m not sure on where a good place to track my stuff down is right now.
      I think it’ll be much easier to find when the new Multiple warheads starts up (hopefully early 2012 and when the King city collection comes out. so yes hopefully sooon.

  6. Bombstrong says:

    Been a fan for a few years now. Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and general legit interest you put into your work. Cant really keep up with series i enjoy as much these days with the place im stationed and all, but i order em online when i can. The blog keeps me pretty entertained and ive found alot of other great artist here.
    -Keep on banging ink man

  7. Hiyah!! I met you at ECCC…you drew a picture of a cat dressed in cos play as me. Made me squee…thanks again. I will let you know the results of the “my absolute-number-1-most-favorite-artist of ECCC 2012” and yes, you are in the running.

  8. helderarts says:

    I bought the King City TPB and man it’s so cool!!! I’ve read it a couple of times now and I like to browse the art for all the stuff going on the background. Great stuff, I want more 🙂

  9. Brandon, you’re my hero man. Your style is sweet, your stories are awesome, and your settings and characters are dripping with so much salty, sexiness that it’s intoxicating. I love your clean, graffiti-esque compositions and slow, deliberate (and nonsensical) story pacing. Everything about your work just feels clean and new, and that isn’t easy to do in comics. And then you’ve got all those sweet, succulent puns. They’re unpearalleled. Maybe they drive some people bananas, but they make this mango wild.

    And congrats on the trade release of King City, btw. Everyone at SVA is just going nuts over it. Keep it up.
    I made this for you, happy easter

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks a lot Peter.
      You’re very nice also I like the eggs. (and Mango pun)
      I got to hang out at SVA a little when some of the Meathaus guys were going there.
      It seemed like a cool place. I got to meet Bakshi there.

      • SVA is a nice place for wannabe cartoonists for sure. I didn’t get to meet Bakshi, but I do get to listen to Gary Panter rant like a crazy person for about three hours a week. It’s great. U should come teach here. I will buy you a beer if you do. A beer and maybe a shirt that says ‘new york,’ maybe the shirt will even have the statue of liberty on it or a picture of a big apple, who knows? Anything goes down here.

  10. Daniel Kang says:

    Hey Brandon , gotta say love all your work, specially King City and Multiple Warheads but Prophet has gotta be one of the best comics I’ve read in years(and I’ve read a lot), I feel like a kid again when I read it, its so damned fun! Loving that Moebius/Metabarons strangeness with your own wildness mixed in hehe, dunno if you agree but thats all that I got. My words fail me. Forgive my lack of imagination. Anyways, one Prophet a month just ain’t enough! Can’t wait til the tradepapers come out. Be good.

  11. Austin Bell says:

    Not going to lie. King City was one of the first comics I have ever read and I was blown away by its uniqueness. It inspired me to work on characters and comics. Now I been reading for 5 or more years and I was pretty happy. Happy to the point of imaginary parades going on everywhere I went when all of King City came out in one volume (not to mention sharknife 2 a few days later.) I have I few questions for you. You, my good sir, are in my top five comic book heroes.
    What comics influenced you the most?
    What music do you listen too while drawing?
    and Any advice for amateur comic book artist?

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Austin,

      I put up a thing awhile back of my favorite top 12 comics.
      I listen to a lot of rap while I draw (KRS-ONE, Rakim, Joell Oriz) & Faith no more.and a lot of audio books.

      I think the main thing for me has been to think of what I do as my own thing and just do it for myself first.

      Anyway, one of the best things about comics is that all you have to do to make them is make them.


  12. Andrew says:

    I just read Escalator, and really dug it. I’ve only read Prophet from you so far, so this was the first time I actually got to see your art. It was great, and I love all the different stories and worlds you created. From spray painting trains to werewolf penises, it had it all. Another nice touch, was your notes on all the stories and what inspired you to write them. As an aspiring comic book writer myself, it’s always great to see the process. I will definitely be picking up King City in the near future.

  13. loquat73 says:

    Dude this guy should be working on the Prophet comic – maybe a back up story? He is awesome http://magicalgametime.com/

    Tried to contact you through twitter, check him out.

  14. Devan says:

    Hey Brandon,

    I`ve really fallen for your art style, which is why I decided to buy Prophet 26 in single-issue form despite having already pre-ordered the first Prophet trade. The thing I`m wondering is this: will the tpb include the various Prophet short-stories? I sincerely hope so as the solicitation didn`t state that they wouldn`t be included… While we`re at it: are there any plans for a coloured edition of King City?

    Best regards from Germany,


    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Devan,

      I’m going to ask each creator about if they’d want their work included in the collection.
      I suspect most will be ok with that.

      And I’m going to keep King city in black and white. I like it best that way.

  15. dailystripsbyhamza says:

    I was recently made aware of your work by a friend at a comic store in Boulder CO, just wanted to say I loved King City. Your work is inspiring!

    Hamza P

    Denver, CO

  16. Coby says:

    You look like rapper Despot or else he looks like you

  17. Ian hucke says:

    I love love love whatever goes inside your brain. How do you come up with your ideas and such? Or worlds or such individualized characters?

  18. Sam Pender says:

    Hey, I just discovered your work and I absolutely love it. You’re really giving James Stokoe a run for his money as my favorite comic author/artist. Keep up the amazing work!

  19. Devan says:

    Brandon, I just received my issue of Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #1. It is a thing of beauty, and puts other 4 $ comic books to shame (I’m looking at you, Marvel.) Your comics are so addictive as to warrant a medical prescription. Keep ’em coming!

  20. I love your work. King City was my first intro, the Tokyo pop tb. Then I got all the issues of the image books. Now I’m getting Multiple Warheads. Your work is awesome. How can I get a signed copy of your books or original art? Thank you for shareing your wonderful imagination. Michael.

  21. Wade Born says:

    Hi Brandon…I grew up reading comics like Turok Son Of Stone..Read underground comics..was again pulled in by the first issue of HEAVY METAL…Corben,Moebius….WOW! Many years down the line…I recently walked into a comic shop in NJ…Walked up & down the wall…looking for something I would love to read…for the story & esp…for the ART…PROPHET!!!! Holy *&#$! Perfect…and now Multiple Warheads….in detail & story telling…you remind me of Moebius..and that is a HIGH Compliment indeed! Any possibility that your Thickness #2 story will be reprinted? I’m strongly considering a page or 2 purchase(how can I pick between all the wonderful pages????) Thanks for all the eyecandy!

    • Brandon says:


      nice, heavy metal is good stuff.
      Thanks for getting my books, I’m glad you liked them.
      Reminding you of Moebius is about the highest praise there is for me.

      I heard recently that there’ll be a collection of all the Thickness books in one big thing.


  22. Scott is awesome says:

    Dude, I just stumbled on to your stuff today. Going to check out King City and Glory soon. Noticed the hotmail. You need to get a gmail account. You can then link your contacts to your smartphone n shiz. Want an invite?

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks (although Glory is other dudes–Prophet is the thing I’m on)
      I am a cave man and don’t have a phone that isn’t plugged into a wall–but thankss
      I hope you like KC

  23. Scott is awesome says:

    My bad. I heard about KC thru the guy who is doing Glory and how he liked KC so much he suggested you for the gig on Prophet–whjich I have also heard good things about. (And now I know why it is in the window at Golden Age. Vancity reckongnize!)

  24. Ricardo Pryke says:

    Hey man!
    I left a comment a few years ago crazy uk guy try too collect your books ( ive manage too get all the books youve realesed even early porn comics ), just wanted too say im really digging your new stuff know and Im really glad every thing seems too be working good for you and more people are getting too experience your amazing worlds. I think your awesome and loving MW and Prophet at mo keep up the awesomeness dude!

  25. Just wanted to let you know I drew a little homage to Prophet in my daily strip today: http://lifeinjapan-comic.blogspot.jp/2013/02/december-14th-1214.html Keep on being awesome.

  26. ClassGLX says:

    Been meaning to leave a quick note of thanks, I get your blog updates via email and I’m always happy to see a new post!
    I like the different comic art you post, so great to just enjoy or if inspiration strikes, have a scribble. If you feel like recommending some comic art blogs/pages please do, don’t worry though I won’t stray too far.
    Cheers from Australia.

  27. Hi Brandon,
    I see so much love here from readers and it so well deserved. You make it look easy and that has to do with the fact that you must draw all the time, or close to it. I just posted a review of “Multiple Warheads” on Comics Grinder:
    I welcome you, and your readers, to check it out. I also have my graphic novel, “Alice in New York” up there for folks to read. It will be collected with other work and launch as a Kickstarter project very soon so I encourage everyone to check that out.
    Cheers from Seattle,

  28. Rick Gray says:

    So my 5 1/2 year old comes out to the garage with my copy of Multiple Warheads #4, asking if he can look at it. I told him sorry, it wasn’t age appropriate. He was bummed. and I can see why he’d want to check it out. The layouts are dense, the art is great, the coloring is beautiful, of course a kid would want to look at it.

    My question to you is: would you ever consider doing a project your much younger readers? I think the market is out there, and I think most kids would get what you are doing. Plus most young reader options aren’t all that great when it comes to story and art.


    • Brandon says:

      Hi Rick,

      Thanks for the nice words on my stuff. I haven’t really thought about that, it could be fun though. It’d be great to try to get some of the Adventure time guys (Tom Herpich, Andy Ristaino, Rebecca Sugar ect) to do a one shot for kids. have you read any of those guys comics? they all do great work that is more for kids than what I do. Also the recent Fionna and Cake comic by Natasha Allegri is fantastic. & Tintin & Asterix books really won me over when I was a kid.

  29. Daniel Kang says:

    Hi Brandon,
    Just out of curiosity about the process for Prophet. Do you have complete freedom over the course of the story? Or do you have to go back and forth the Liefield? Do you have a sort of endgame in your mind for Prophet? Also do you have to coordinate with the other Liefield universe stuff like Glory? Thanks

    PS Multiple Warheads was kickass!

    • Brandon says:

      Hey Daniel,

      Yeah, I can pretty much do what I want with Prophet. I try to ask Liefeld if I’m doing something dramatic –Like what I did with Supreme. The main restrictions are on swearing and nudity. And we’ve had a little nudity and no one would really say fuck in Prophet anyway. The end of the series is going to be in about 10 issues (around #45) and I talk to the Glory guys but we don’t really base what we do around what the other books do.

      and thanks,

  30. Johnny H. says:

    I am a little new to your work, and I must say, you and James Stokoe are probably my favorite creators in comics right now. I had a question regarding coloring comics. Do you use a tablet to color your comics, and if so, is it worth the hefty price?

    • Brandon says:

      Nice, thanks a lot Mr H. I have a Bamboo brand tablet I use. It works out for what I do– but I’m big advocate of using whatever works. I got mine as an xmas present so I didnt think too much about the price– and before that I just used my girlfriend’s tablet or a mouse.

      • Johnny H. says:

        I may end up purchasing one soon. You and James Stokoe are color fiends and I can’t wait to see more o your work. And thanks for the quick reply.

  31. Jeff Bonivert says:

    Hello, just wanted to say I’m a fan, and love Prophet. Buying Warheads too!

  32. Klink says:

    Hi Brandon, just read you’re coming to Amsterdam. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and am looking forward to seeing you do your stuff at G33. I work around the corner at this chocolate company called Tony’s Chocolonely so let me know if I can drop some off to keep you going.. Keep it up!

  33. Wilson Tang says:

    Hey Brandon nice to meet you today in yaletown. (I’m the video game guy/tekkonkincreet etc.)
    Anyways, just read the 1st issue of Multiplayrr and loved it! Keep up the inspired dreaming!

  34. …hey Brandon – thanks for a monthly book whose pages my weird imagination can finally get lost in again… truly inspired by what you’re doing, keep taking it to another level… mad props.

  35. Sam Snyder says:

    How do you paint in ps with micron art

  36. Justin C says:

    Just gotta say I am a huge fan of your work and what you have to say about the medium. I love both Prophet and King City and you’re now a big influence of my own personal writing. I was wondering if you could lend some advice? I was wondering if you have any words of wisdom when trying to transfer big glowing ideas to real paper matter? I always have grandiose and ambitious ideas that are great in conception but tend to lose it past plotting. Once I try to write it out I always get creativity frozen trying to finish one story.

    • Brandon says:

      Hey Justin,

      I tend to think of the ideas as less important than the execution of the ideas. So it helps me to not over plan things before i get to comic pages. I guess it’s like when you sketch something –if it looks perfect in pencil its hard to trace it in ink and keep that./

  37. Just discovered you when I picked up Walrus at Locust Moon in Philly. Kind of like Cheech Wizard meets Bladerunner. Two of my favorites. Great work my friend!

  38. Sam Snyder says:

    I have schizophrenia like Louis wain….. Am I a catmaster yet or am I just thee you. When do I get to meet Marian?

  39. Anonymous says:


    Big fan. Don’t have all your work, but a bunch.

    I had a longer rambling comment about shared taste and naming crap (Shirow, Otomo, blah blah blah), but I took too long and the computer ate my comment. So I’m doing this quick and dirty on MS word so that doesn’t happen again.

    I’m doing a webcomic old school and I’m having an issue. 11×17 scanners are expensive. I have a standard 8.5×11 scanner and I’ve been working on 8.5×11 cardstock but that bleeds like a mutha when I use dip pens/brushes. So my next idea is to cut the 11×17 Bristols in half and just work with them. I haven’t been doing that because I don’t want raggedy paper edges and I’m kinda a not-careful/absent-minded-professorish dude so raggedy feels like destiny.

    Point is, how do you scan yours in? Do you have an expensive 11×17 scanner? Are there cheap good ones? Folding seems like a bad idea (see above raggedy comment).

    Thanks for listening. I understand if you don’t have the time or inclination to answer. You gotta life, so it’s cool.


  40. sardenbarlow says:

    Was very excited to read Multiple Warheads because it came recommended to me due to its unique colour scheme. Usually I trust Image comics’ female characters to have compelling storylines and to have designs that don’t make me physically ill–I’m sad to say neither of these boxes were checked with Warheads. The lead character’s depiction–in the black and white sections particularly–was vacuous and she seemed merely a vessel for some adolescent fantasy doodles rather than a protagonist of any sort of story. It’s a shame to have such an interesting look wasted on such irresponsible writing. I feel embarrassed to have spent money on this title and I do hope that in the future you choose to have a little more respect with your forays into female characters.

    • Brandon says:

      oh jeeze.

      I don’t know what to tell you, a lot of the work in Warheads is older (the color stuff is newer) I certainly can’t argue that there isn’t some adolescent fantasy in there–especially in the 10 year old porn comic section. I would argue that the color stuff is an attempt to get better at that.

      In the end it is what it is. I’m certainly not embarrassed to have made it and I don’t think it’s faults are due to lack of respect for writing female characters. –maybe lack of ability. all I can do is keep trying and you can choose to read or ignore it.

  41. Adam Newzen says:

    Dear Mr. Graham, or Brandon (never know what to say to creators, ha):

    When your first issue (issue #21) of Prophet came out, I did not buy it. I, like many others I’m sure, have always felt that Rob Liefeld is a joke, so the last thing I wanted to do was give a reboot of his book a chance. I tell you this because it is important to know just how wrong I was about what you have done with Prophet. In many ways you did what Alan Moore did with Swamp Thing and what Grant Morrison did with Animal Man – you took a book that was devoid of any substance and made it into a philosophically deep work of art. It is creators like you that are the future of comic books and an inspiration for people like me who hope to someday work in the business. (Also, based on your magnificent run on Prophet, I picked up Joe Keatinge’s Glory because I heard it tied in. Absolutely loved it.)

    Since I have finished reading Prophet and I am waiting for Earth War to start up, I started buying up all of your other books. Pillow Fight and Perverts of the Unknown are fun, sexy romps that had me laughing – they reminded me of R. Crumb and Bukowski (Jack Walt even looks a little like him). King City and Multiple Warheads are great reads, as well. Your imagination knows no end and your attention to detail is on par with James Stokoe, who I believe you mentioned is a friend (if so, you two great minds think alike). I recently purchased Walrus and cannot wait for it to arrive tomorrow. I love sketchbooks and this one will be going on the shelf with my favorite artists (James Stokoe, Eric Powell, Frank Quitely, Amanda Conner, Rob Guillory, Michael DeForge, Matt Kindt, Johnny Ryan, Jim Steranko, and, of course, Jack “the King” Kirby).

    I know you are probably busy working on a bunch of different things, but I wanted to ask two questions. After Prophet is finished, do you have another book lined up with Image? (They’d be crazy not to give you free rein.) My other question is, do you do commissions? (I know you probably get asked that all the time, but it never hurts to ask for a custom piece to purchase.)

    All the best (sorry for the essay),


    P.S. So excited to hear that Youth in Decline is releasing a Thicnkess Anthology. Will make a great addition to the library.

  42. springmindset says:

    Hi Brandon,

    When, and please tell me it’s a matter of when and not IF, is Prophet Volume 4 coming out?

    Also – I’ve read a lot of sci-fi, but I can sincerely say that Prophet exists on a whole different level of both storytelling and actual story.


  43. Hey Brandon Graham! Huge fan of ALL OF YOUR SHIT, especially Prophet. Anyway, me and my friend just released a comic and we want you to read it because we love you very much….can’t speak for my partner, but if it weren’t for you i probably wouldn’t even be drawing comics.
    _Lance Coleman

  44. christianharatani says:

    Have you considered of making animations based on your comix/graphic novels?
    It would be very cool to see some animated shorts, series or even films that have the same style and awesome feel like in your comix.

    Greetings from Finland, and from a Icelandic friend of mine who´s a very big fan of your art style and storytelling

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  46. Ellie Marie says:

    Hi Brandon,

    LOVE your work! I am aspiring Colorist and would love to color your future illustrations if possible!!!

    Kindest regards,


  47. SquirrelyWrath says:


    I’ve been trying to catch you at a con for years now and haven’t managed it. The closest I’ve come was sending my copy of King City with a buddy of mine to an Emerald City Comic Con years ago. The sketch you made still makes that book one of my most prized possessions. I told him to have you sign it to me but as we share the same name, I thought for sure you’d think he was just some jerk that was going to turn around and eBay it. I just bought a copy of of your Drawn Out collection. I’d love to get it or my copy of Pillow Fight signed someday and thank you in person for the incredible work you do. However I live in the Midwest (Kansas City) and can never seem to find you at any cons anywhere near me. Do you post a list of appearances somewhere that I can’t find? You and Stokoe are on the top of my bucket list of creators to meet.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks so much for the nice message and thanks for getting my art book.
      I’m working on a new series now and don’t have any shows planned outside of the Northwest– but let me know if you know of a good one closer to you that I should check out. Stokoe is hard to get outside of Canada but maybe someday. –Brandon

      • Wade Born says:

        I feel the same way.I’ve been a fan for quite awhile.Absolutely love PROPHET.I hope you return to that world again.Are you planning in attending any cons in the Midwest soon? Thanks for brightening up my world with your imaginative and detail oriented stories and artwork .Wade

        • Brandon says:

          Thanks Wade. Hopefully some of the new stuff I’m working on hits some of the same tones are Prophet. — also I just read Simon Roy’s new stuff he’s been running on his Patrion and it worth checking out if you’re looking for good sci fi. I’ll look into midwest cons, let me know if there’s any you’d recommend.

          • Wade Born says:

            I’ll look them up.I went on a comic book wagon….I had to do some budget cuts for awhile and that area suffeted.I missed your PROPHET sequel…that 6 comic ending story.I don’t suppose you have any back stock of that mini series? If so..you can message me at Wade Born on facebook.I’d rather buy the comics….but if I have to buy the graphic book…I guess that will have to do.Looking forward to your next output.I don’t buy many comics.. mostly sci fi oriented and new wave fantasy. Or e-mail

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