once again.


I’ve been neglecting posting here as of late but with good reason, I’ve been focusing my attention on a new podcast –-A HUNDRED YEARS, that I’ve been doing every week with my pal Farel Dalrymple of Popgun war, Proxima Centarti and Prophet fame.  It’s up on Itunes and hereeeee


Aside from that I’ve also just started a Patreon, which is a more sketcbook focused and much more updated version of what I would do on here. I avoided monetising this sort of thing for years but I think the reality is that it’s the best way to ensure that I have time to do the stuff.  (it’s up here) 

esex low P .jpg

Also there’s an dirty drawing sex-tion on there.


I was trying to figure out how to go about this in a reasonable way, my main work is still making comics through Image comics– so I didn’t want to ask anyone to pay for anything twice– I’ve been thinking of the Patreon as showing the roots of something, the process stuff –layouts, videos of me drawing and talking about the stuff that’s influencing my work– and then saving the whole finished thing for print.  I hope people feel good about that.

My main thing right now is RAIN LIKE HAMMERS, that I’m 80 something pages into– It’ll get an official release date when I’ve got 120 pages done.

Here’s the (not quite finished) opening spread to issue 3

R2-000 - 001.jpg

I’ve also been working a lot with Woodrocket this past year (check out John Wank if you haven’t seen it)  and we’ve been talking about re-printing some of my old work in color. Here’s how the pages are looking so far:

PF 001

PF 008.jpg

In the past I’d always been adamant about leaving my own work where it was– so Pillow fight in color is an experiment– I’ve been trying to leave the drawings alone and just focus on color, I fixed some minor stuff where the anatomy was too rough to ignore. I think I’ll be adding a new new short to the final thing when it’s all colored.

I’m still figuring out what gets posted on here and my instagram (I still sometimes use Tumbr — but it’s mostly a graveyard)

Anyway thanks for reading– here’s a link to one of my favourite Heinlien books I’m listening to again for a podcast episode 



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Looking up at down.

I’m on farmer hours again, waking up too early.

I’m just finishing up the 1st issue of my next series (Rain like Hammers) I should have a release date by the next time I type on here & hopefully a cover!

Here’s a title page from it.


I often fudge the perspective in my drawings– but this being such an obvious 3 point perspective– it looked really off in my initial pencils.

perp 3

I scanned it and added red lines in photoshop to figure out the right way to draw the thing.


and then  drew a grid based off of that


then light tabled and inked the final thing over that.


A couple of months back me and my pal Farel and my GF Alejandra came up with a list of daily drawings to do in October. (because a lot of artists were doing the Inktober– ink drawings everyday)


Here’s each of our versions of Spider-man in a fur coat (number 11)

Alejandra’s (from her instagram here) 

Spiderman A

Farel’s (from here) 

Spiderman F.JPG

and mine (this is my instagram) 

ink 11 low

I really enjoyed drawing Barbarella

ink 21 low .jpg

It felt really nice to have a set thing to do everyday, and it helped me out a ton that I was able to sell the drawings. I’ve been trying to keep some of that same motivation in my comics work, but without the easy dopamine hit of social media likes. The internet is a powerful drug mannnnnn.

Here’s a couple of recent covers I did. One for Rumble, I did in trade for a box of Toth comics– (like I need more comics)

RUMBLE Graham cover low .jpg

and the pencils for that–

rumble hero ruff.jpg

and some sketches I did looking through Rumble issues trying to think of what to draw.


rumblesketch 2.jpg

I also did a cover this week for Osiris Path. — a series Behemoth Comics is putting out about finding weird shit on the moon. the yellow reflection was last minute choice, but maybe what I’m most happy with.

Osiris Graham cover low

and the sketch for that.


and here’s some recent sketchbook drawings.  I drew Alejandra a few nights ago. ( I always leave out her nose ring- not because I don’t like it but because it’s small)

pink haird low

and this thing where I was trying out some new style.

Limebones low

Brandnew low

razz1 low

razz  2 low.jpg

movie low.jpg

This one’s from 1960’s The apartment.

appartment small

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy whose apartment is being used by the higher ups in his office as a spot to go for their illicit affairs. It a fun movie but also has some dark moments. Like when the main lady tries to kill herself and our hero who owns the apartment can relate too much because of his own past. –


I was thinking the idea of working in a giant company and letting your fellow employees use your place to off themselves sounds like a manga plot– the copy of the key that’s passed around could have a skull on it.


I wanted to talk about my pal Veronica Casson’s work. Her and her family have been some of my favorite people I’ve met since moving to Portland.

She’s been working on an autobiographical comic, GRIND LIKE A GIRL, about her experiences being trans and growing up in NJ. Via her Instragram (here) and her Patreon (here) 

Here’s some pages:

grind color

Grind 1

grind jason

That last rearview mirror panel is sooo cool.

As much as trans rights and identity have been a big topic of conversation in recent years, I’m surprised that I can’t think of any autobio breakout work in comics talked about–on a Stuck rubber baby or Blankets, level– but some of that might just be my own blindspots?  but I’m excited to see what Veronica does with this book.


A couple months back I was playing a game with Alejandra where I wrote what I think the 2002 Britney Spears film CROSSROADS was about– without ever seeing it


It turned into a werewolf thing. It’s up on the soon to be porn free wasteland that is tumblr (here)

Alex Smith drew a whole comic page about it: (Alex’s tumblr)

crossroads comic


I also just watched 2001 and read the Kirby comic adaption.


seeing both versions of it made me think about two distinct ways to approach sci fi– (1) the Kubrik/Clarke way of looking at real science and trying to make something that feels like where we might go– or (2) The Kirby,  throwing together cool and weird ideas with more emphasis on fun– but he did sometimes hit things like the Motherbox/cell phones.


I guess Kirby was Kirby but I find it funny that both 2001 and The Prisoner were things he did as comics. both projects thrive on leaving things unexplained and up to the viewer.


It’s interesting to see what changed Kirby did in the 2001 comic. I feel like the text in it over explains everything. Me and Farel were talking recently about how much of that is trying to make universally clear work , maybe it was that it was made for a younger audience, or maybe even just a good tool to slow the reader down and take in each panel with more time.

Another interesting thing is how sometimes the Kirby version often feels more low rent than the movie. Here’s the space Hilton in the movie:

2001 hilton movie.jpg

and Kirby’s version, where he draws the room as much more cramped – maybe that’s just the speed that he had to produce pages at.

2001 hilton comic.jpg

He’ll also sometimes just use photos for panels, I like that trick.


I love when he does his Kirby 2 page spreads — but still with the ever present text


Kirby 1

I also found this photo from the 60’s that I assume Manara used for reference on a Butterscotch panel.

60's mini

I like that she’s even on her toes in the 2nd panel to match the high heels of the reference.

60's mini manara.jpg

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to and looking at.

be excellent.gif

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Above water

Hello, Hello,

My ROYALBOILER art book is sent off to the nice folks at Image comics, with just the spine to finish up tonight.

Here’s the Outro-comic I made for the end of the book:



Also I made a couple diary comics. The first one’s an older one from when I was last in Vegas.




I drew that last one in a hotel room in Vancouver — that me and Alejandra went up to for a small convention. my old Homies and former YOSH roomates Marley Zarcone and the elusive recluse James Stokoe were the main guests– sooo good to see those guys again (and the rest of the Vancouver crew) and see the new stuff they’re working on in meatspace.

I bullied poor James into drawing something in my sketchbook:


and speaking of my sketchbook here’s some pages from it–

Golgo 13low


coffee coffeelow

That last page I drew today –taking notes on panel ideas and characters from 1982’s BLUE FIGHTER by  Jiro Taniguchi, on Art—-whose Walking man manga I talked about in the last post,and Marley Caribu, who wrote the Oldboy manga on Story.

The cover drawing looks like a young Willem Dafoe

Blue cover.jpg

The book has a manga-americana feeling to the whole thing. I feel like it would be fun to make a book for a foreign market and try to make the MOST american feeling thing.  but maybe it’s better from outsiders. Like when Muñoz and Sampayo did their Alack Sinner book set in NYC before they’d ever visited the states.

Anyway Blue fighter has some great scenes that just feel like they’re there to set mood. Also I know it was done years before Walking man, but I didn’t even recognise the art until I looked it up.

blue motor.jpg

The main character is a boxer named Reggae

Blue reggae

later in the final fight of the book, Reggae is knocked down- and we get this Jazz and Reggae and Tibetan(?) and camels (???) montage

blue marley

Something I really liked in the book was this way to show time passing in the boxing matches with the rounds over the drawings.

Blue 3R.jpg

I hit up a couple comic stores yesterday with my pal Joe and found this old Paul Pope interview.

Pope Feature cover

I like reading Pope’s 1995 plans for his career. I’m always trying to remind myself how many options I have to take my work in any direction I want. Early in his career Pope would often talk about how he was learning by researching different types of art and comics and what work of his he regarded as failures (but still published) it gave a nice feeling of seeing an artist at work.

And in the interview some early THB drawings I hadn’t seen before, here’s the table of contents page.

Pope THB1

and a couple others.

pope THB

Aside from that I picked up some other books this week:

this week.jpg

Ex-Mutants and Stark Future are books I’m always looking through dollar bins for. I haven’t read the issues I got yet, I’m sure they will be excellent!

I haven’t read the new issue of Farel’s Proxima book yet either– this issue has a nice Simon Roy pin up on the back. coooool.


I did read the title story in the DHP ROMA issue (also found in a dollar bin)

ROMA was done by John Workman, who mostly just does lettering these days– he lettered Pope’s Heavy Liquid and Keatinge and Del Duca’s Shutter.

This story is drawn landscape (sideways) and might be the best use of that format that I’ve ever seen.

workman spread.jpg


Such pretty pages!

The Workman stuff reminds me of another comic I read this week– Mr Inkstuds was also selling books at the con I was at and gave me a couple bound Heavy metal books. With stories by Italian comic artist Bruno Brindisi. (who according to Wikipedia has drawn 39 Dylan Dog stories)

Here’s his name on this helpful Dylan Dog chart


His Heavy Metal Stories, Bit Degeneration are like early 90’s casual cyberpunk, that follow a Heavymetalish lady named Axel.- she has spray on clothes and pasties that wink at people.

HM spray and wink

I like the look of her apartment.

HM noooode

Here’s a page where a robot stripper removes her body parts after she takes off her clothes.

HM stripper

I remember this stuff being especially exciting to me when it came out, because one of the scenes is based off of a bus tunnel in my hometown of Seattle.(panel 6 below)

HM seattle

Aside from an issue of Pete Bagge’s HATE, where he put Fallout records and comics in it, this was one of the 1st times I’d seen a place I’d been to in a comic. and in the all exciting Heavy metal no less.


seattle one

also in the line of his reference a robot Sigmund Freud shows up in the comic.

HM Sigmond.jpg

— In other newds I just discovered that there is a Brigitte Bardot statue in Saint-Tropez based off of a Milo Manara painting.


and Manara’s painting.


And Manara playing “got your nose” with it. Boop.


Some more Manara /Bardot


This sent me down a statues of comic artists drawings rabbithole.

There’s a bunch of Leiji Matsumoto statues.

LLeji stat

more LL

Herge hanging out with a Tintin statue


And Rumiko Takahashi with Lum



I wonder if anyone’s made a list…

Anyway, here is an Asterix truck that I found a photo of on the internet.–thanks for reading.


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stone soup


(from Mazzucchelli’s Rubber blankets #3)


I’ve been working with a therapist which has been difficult and great and long overdue. Being a human for 41 years will mess you up dawg. Here’s part of a comic I did that maybe got too personal to post in it’s entirety–


Even that page feels like maybe too much to share– The internet is not the place to have some conversations. And as much as I’ve prided myself as being open in the past I’ve been reassessing how to approach any kind of public life.

I found an old sketchbook of mine from 1997, (I was 21) There’s a page in there I wrote after going to a comic convention. In it I was really grossed out by it. 21-year-old-snob-me wrote-  how important it was to separate my work from the larger comic scene– I didn’t want to be part of it.

Maybe a better way to think of it now is not wanting to be closed off by it.  I’ve devoted my working life to telling stories in comics and there’s nothing I enjoy more– but sometimes I imagine being a new reader and walking into a comic shop to look for something new or even worse looking at the online comics scene–


That aside–

I finished a long overdue Inkstuds tour book from when me and Robin and Simon Roy and Shannon Lentz, travelled the globe interviewing cartoonists for the Inkstuds podcast. The book has sketches by me, Simon, Jesse Moynihan,  Bryan Lee O’Malley, Jamie Hernadez, Rebecca Sugar, Lamar Abrams, Steve Wolfhard, Katie Skelly, Gary Panter, JH Williams III, Ron Rege Jr, Jordan Crane, John Pham, Sean Christensen, — and drawing I did of most of those people and more. I hope people who ordered it one hundred years ago are happy with it. —

Here’s how the front and back cover look. (there’s only 200 numbered copies)


And along the same lines I’ve been finishing up my art/sketchbook Royalboiler.


Here’s a drawing of my apartment I’m inking tonight for it. The placement of where you put sunglasses on a pear really says a lot about what kind of cool pear it is.


I’ve also been working on my next comic, a 1920’s style flapper science fiction called Rain like hammers.

E2-09 10low

It isn’t on a release schedule yet, I’m just drawing issues until I have enough done for it to go to print without a worry of missed deadlines.

Also I did a bio picture for my GF Alejandra’s new book ROMPE CORAZON


Here’s the cover Alejandra did for herrrr book:


She’s selling it (with her limited to 50 copies run) at the Boise comics art festival, that my pal Simon did the poster for. ( I will be at home drawing more pages)

BCAF18 Poster Final - Image.jpg

Here’s a recent sketchbook page I did inbetween pages


the lady on the lower right was a redraw from a girl’s manga ad.


and here’s some other uncolored sketchbook pages


fashin the pan


The above drawing from a Jean Paul Gaultier fall 2001 oootfit


I finished the Nabokov book I was reading and started a PG Wodehouse


I liked Sebastian Knight, it’s a slow introspective thing about the half brother of a dead author looking to understand the years of his brother’s life. In it another writer has written a not so great and fairly false biography of the dead author– so it gives you the false rumours and then the real version he discovers through more research.  It’s funny how much the text on the back of the book oversells it as “His search proves to be as intriguing as any of his subject’s own novels” — I enjoyed how real and unspectacular it all was.

One of the best parts of the book is when Nabokov describes the fictional books the dead author has written. In one of them all of the characters are narrative devices and in another one an entire book’s tone is set along the slow death of a bedridden man- as his organs shut down. — The kind of stuff that feels easier and maybe more exciting to read about and harder or maybe less fun to actually read or make.

I also read the recently passed Jiro Taniguchi’s The walking man.


Some of the chapters are him carying home a shade on a hot day, or him getting caught in a heavy rain and then going home to take a bath. It seems strange how rare it seems in comics stories that reflect what real life is like are– without any fantastical element.

In this one he’s swimming naked in an outdoor pool and then walks home carying his shoes.


I often think about how showing someone in a story eating or going to the bathroom grounds the work, it shows the reader the fictional characters they’re being asked to relate to doing normal things that everyone does.

I feel like most stories could use a little Walking man– like it’s a pure comic element of normal city life.

I also read Frederik Peeters and Loo Hui Phang’s Smell of Starving boys.


Peeters is by far one of my favorite European cartoonists working today. His Aama and Pachyderme are both amazing. and when he’s not writing his own work he seems to pick his collaborators well– I liked Sandcastle — that he did with writer, Pierre Oscar Lévy.

I love the colors in this book– and the western mystery with a main being gay or bisexual or whatnot isn’t something I haven’t seen a lot of in a magical realism old westery comic book.



I also read this article about Seizō Watase’s Heart Cocktail (here) 


The animated shorts based off the manga were sponsored by Japan Tobacco and meant to each run the length it takes to smoke a cigarette

This one has the Moebius art book Starwatcher show up in it:

heart moeb

and the Moebius drawing it was based off of


Here’s one where a rabbit butler leads him through an upside down hotel.

Kind of reminiscent of this Nemo stuff:


I like the clear line style of  Watase’s work



Anyway, I hope to type on these more regularly as I work my life into something with less time spent on social media and more drawing and petting cats.

I’ll leave you with some pages from Macross fan comics (from here)




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Dogs meow



Social media has me feeling like Joe Budden on some “you bought the music not the dude that made it”

thanks low

The last few(?) weeks away from twitter have left me feeling like I have more time for my thoughts– and ideas like -baby rapper “50 placenta” die on the vine. I’m thinking a lot about how I interact with the comics community– If I don’t post about it on here, I’ll dig a hole and scream it into it. Don’t forget to like and subscribe that hole.

Tonight I finished putting together the extra stuff for my 2nd (and last maybe) Multiple Warheads collection–that comes out in June from Image comics. Here’s a new opening spread.

Low MW 2 TPB inside front cover and page one

and the cover

MW 2 GHOSTOWN fixed cover low

Aside from that I’ve been putting together an artbook and a new series.

I haven’t got a name for my next series yet but I’ve got a chunk of the 1st issue done in a story called Elephant about a man who lives in a giant walking city.

e out

E inside

I’ve been messing with piecing together reference in photoshop. For the interior of the city I put together a Frankenstein-image made from several different mall photos- to look at while drawing it.

e in

and an apartment building with some elephant legs for the exterior

elephant rough

I’m still months and months away from this stuff hitting shelves. I made a sketchbook diary page about how the process feels.


Aside from comics I’ve been doing a lot of work with the porn parody company Woodrocket.

Wood low

It started as a series of posters for movies they did and older movies they hold the licensees to

Fap to the future poster low

Debbie done

Here’s the roughs for the Debbie poster–

debbie rough

After doing those and getting along famously with the Woodrocket crew and their Voltron-head,  Lee Roy Myers –he invited me to co write some stuff with him. So in an afternoon we wrote a porn parody of John Wick, JOHN WANK!

john Wank logo

I went down to the set for the filming and painted a background for one scene.

(me painting it)


and it in the movie with Codey Steele acting up in front of it.

wank dog

I also did some drawings for the title — One of Codey

john Wank John

and April O’Neil who played the villain

john Wank april I took a lot of notes and drawings on the set that I might turn into a comic eventually.


You can watch John Wank in it’s entirety for free here. 

After that, I worked on DragonBoobZ written by Vuko and directed by her and April O’Neil .That’s Casey Kisses, Daisy Ducati (as Prick-alo) , Brenna Sparks (as Go-cooze) Missy Martinez (as Vagin-Buu) and AJ as Vag-eata –I might’ve added some puns to the script, WHO CAN SAY.

Emily Ratajkowski

Woodrocket hired my pal Casey Kisses (on the left) to play Ball-MA –Which was especially cool, both to have a friend on set and because she’s the first trans woman that Woodrocket has put in one of their parodies.  So cool and cool.

I did some on set art– like glueing penis logos that I drew over things.

DBZ logoooo

me and Lee Roy had a great hushed debate in a craft store isle full of moms about why I though Vag-eata’s shirt needed to say VAGMAN

and I did some drawings that were added to the video later.

DBZ Cocksule.jpg

DBZ Kummy.jpg

DBZ urine.jpg

DBZ time room.jpg

My girlfriend, and Latin ICON Alejandra Gutiérrez came down there with me and did a week long diary comic for The comics journal about our week in Vegas. *you can read the whole thing here)


And here’s some sketches I did on set.

DBZ setset

DBZ set

DBZ set set set

The DBZ movie is up here 

Next we’re working on a (non-porn) science fiction show called, Emperor of the known universe. Starring April O’Neil and Tommy Pistol. (here’s an early sketch)


When I get asked to work on screenplays it never seems as fun as making comics, but with Woodrocket — we can just make the thing ourselves and shop around a finished show rather than just a pitch. We’re aiming for a looooow budget 70’s UK tv feel. Plus I like the idea of making something like this with a porn crew and actors who do sex work. There’s been way too much shitting on people on that industry lately

Here’s some sketches I made to show the guys making the stuff.

Empereor emp

EMPEROR space pirate

emperor ship

The set is just being built now, and looks like this– so far. We’re gonna film it next month.

Empereor ship

So that’s where I’m at. Next time I’ll get into some of the stuff I’ve been reading.

(I’ve been reading this)



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More humanoïdes associés


So many moons ago I did a couple drawings based on Moebius drawings & asked everyone to jump in and do their versions. (here’s the old Starwatcher one me & Moritat did here) 

I did this drawing last night of Rumiko Takahashi’s electric alien lady Lum.


I drew that after I saw this Manara GQ cover based on the 1st Moebius, Metal hurlant cover


Here’s the Moebius cover:


In one of his art books Moebius talked about basing this drawing off of a Maxfield Parrish painting


This one:


Soo yeah, It would be fun to see other artists do their own versions.



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Deepest darkest



I wanted to write my own version of notes on the Wicked + Divine issue #17 that I did with Kieron (& Jamie) Kieron’s notes are here. 

I sent in these rough covers ideas first. — Kieron mentioned doing a version of the top right one but with cats in place of the humans.


(I also found this 1st failed cover pencils)  “why the long arms Sakhmet?”


In the final cover I just drew her in the same outfit Jamie had on his cover.

wik cover

The writing on her hand is Elvish from the game Dragon age– Ar lasa mala revas: “You are free.” Marian was deep in this game when I was drawing this cover.

Also there’s a yugioh pyramid thing on the chains on the left.


I also put the yugioh thing in my Pillow fight book –a porn comic I did in 2005. (it’s a magic box that gives a lady a boner) I dunno what it does in yugioh. I’m gonna say it has the same power.

SOoooooo the guts of the issue: I wanted to show Kieron how everything would look so we could work out the storytelling stuff before I went to paper. I did the same kind of drawn in photoshop layouts I do for Prophet issues.


Along with the script and lots of reference links Kieron also supplied some photos he took for the opening scene. I worked a few into the layouts and drew them pretty closely in the finals. I think It killed any guilt about this since Kieron took them just for this issue.


And here’s some early sketches of characters that show up in the issue.


I was kind of wary of how different teenager Ruth looks from the Sakhmet god she becomes. Hopefully it works in the story ok.

The 2 major scenes I wanted to put some detail into in the issue are the post orgy scene and the concert scene. Here’s a jpg of some of the orgy reference I was looking at for the orgy. (thanks internet)


There’s a Divine picture in there, of John waters Drag queen fame. I like Divine a lot and thought it would be fun to sneak a lot of her into this issue. (her birth name Milstead shows up as the brand name of the jerky Sakhmet is eating on page 6)


In Catface Mewoser’s Stargate room there’s a Cigar’s of the Pharaoh symbol, Corto Maltese, Divine, Major Grubert’s Helmet and Tintin. Maybe the panda stuff is a nod to Genma in Ranma 1/2 since Sakhmet’s shirt on page 7 says Ranma in Japanese on it.

The concert! Kieron set this in the Brixton academy which made it easy to find reference for. Also cool to be able to use maps on the internet to look at the neighbourhood around it for the outside scenes.



There’s another Drag superstar Divine appearance  in the crowd. and wayyy up near the green balcony cat there’s a Star wars Ewok, Wicket so I could amuse myself with “The Wicket + The Divine” –also a guy in the foreground has a Lucifer tattoo. ( maybee my favourite WIK+DIV character)

I remember reading a Moebius quote where he talked about there being two ways to impress a reader. Either with simple beautiful images or to hit them with so much detail that they couldn’t deny it. The later is easier in some ways and I think looks louder. I wanted these pages to at least give the impression that  what this god did was a big deal.


For the sound effects of the music I was thinking of an old 2003 zine my pal Corey Lewis did called Apollpnia NO! where to show how loud a concert was he tripled up the lines to make them look like the whole place was shaking.


I feel like showing music in comics is one of the hardest things to do. Especially if what you’re trying to show is that sound sounds cool and loud. Cool is not universal and lines are not sound. My personal favourite rock and roll in comics is the  Atsushi Kamijo manga To-y (トーイ)  Often in the manga  Kamijo will show To-y doing an impressive physical stunt before he plays (he backflips to catch a mic and kicks off a shoe)  so that the cool of the music isn’t just based on the reader assuming that a guy with an open mouth in front of a microphone sounds cool.

This scene I think is more subtle and sooo well done.


The white screentone over the last page there just makes it look like white noise to me.

Anyway, Wik +Div– the post concert scene.I really enjoyed Kieron’s descriptions in the script he sent– “a mixture of annoyance and boredom. Is she was a cat, her tail would be twitching.” I kept drawing a lock of her hair like it was an annoyed cat ear.

chrix n flux

This page has a nod to Flux Pavilion, a UK musician who I’m friendly with (and whose music I like) I based the interviewer off of my pal Chris Eng, who is a fantastic writer and did some magazine work in his past. also I put a Ziggy poster in the hallway because I love Ziggy.

A couple other things not pictured– I put a Star Blazers/Yamato on page 13. Page 16 is solid black because I changed up the page turn on page 18 by making the concert a 2 page spread. I love how something like that changes the storytelling and is something that I would never think to do in my own work.

page 18:

page 17

in the script and roughs Sakhmet has stripped off her clothes. Marian talked me out of drawing the page like that and me and Kieron both agreed that it works better this way. She still managed to lose some jewellery and her shoes.

The final scene in the issue was fun, just drawing a room that Leila DelDuca had drawn in the issue before this was a blast.

And past what I drew Jamie, Matthew and Clayton  took over  on the last last page. I roughed it out but handed it off to them in the end because of deadlines.

last page

Anyway, working in Jamie and Kieron’s world was a blast for me. It felt like getting paid to draw fan art. Thanks dooodes!

As far as my own stuff, I’ve been slowly plodding away at Multiple Warheads. Here’s a page from the 3rd part that’ll run in ISLAND (mosscows)


Prophet Earth War #1 comes out January 27 (a week from now)


also out on January 27, is ISLAND #6


Here’s the contents page for that issue:

island6 intrfixo

Also here’s a blank cover I drew for someone this week.



Aside from comics I’ve been playing a lot of DOOOOOOM this month.

Doom - How we made the classic game

I like the mix of space and hell. It’s like the movie Event Horizon (but I like Doom more)

It’s nicely bleak and interesting. the thing that I find the most scary in the early Dooms is the power up item :Soul Sphere. ” The Doom Biblenotes that “the soul sphere contains the life energy of a human soul“” So you’re eating a soul for life energy. Jeeze doom dude!


It reminds me of the Berzerk Manga Behelit– that rubix cube face of terror that brings forth hell! AHHHH!!

It all also reminds me of the excellent Wayne Douglas Barlowe’s version of hell


More of his hell stuff here.

Anyway, I just played through DOOM 3, from 2004- making it the newest game grampa Brandon has beaten in his life. Sooo cool to see updates on the old Doom monsters

doom 2 vs 3

I think there’s like a post game -game that I need to play next. hmmmmm






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