Do the do

I wanted to type on here about recent stuff I’ve been up to just to get it all in one place.

First first first. me and my pal Robin are in the final days of our Kickstarter to tour around interviewing cartoonists.

As I’m typing this there’s like 50 hours to go and if we hit $15,000 Canadian dollars we’re gonna be able to get to the UK. Right now we’re going to LA and NYC.

Here’s the poster for a talk we’re doing in LA. With an exciting group of dudes.


And more on the Kickstarter here.

Aside from that I’m gonna go to the Emerald city con in Seattle sooon. I think that;’s my favorite convention. Maybe because I grew up in Seattle and never thought of it as a comic friendly town back then. I like the show, I like that the movie tv whatever is far away from the comics and I like Jim D who runs it. It should be fun.

This year is kind of  nuts like planters. I’m really excited to see Adam Warren again and I wanna get some old Elfquest signed by the Pinis and I wanna meet EK Weaver who does one of my favorite comics, TJ and Amal and fucking Kenichi Sonada of Bublegum Crisis, Gall force and Gun smith cats fame will be there.

I did a drawing for the con that’ll be on the program book:


The idea was to draw creator owned characters from creators who are gonna be at the show. I get a kick out of excluding the corporate owned ishery.

and the guide to it


1. scott snyder’s Severed

2.Farel Dalrymple’s Pop gun War

3. ECCC Heroes designed by Michael Avon Oeming

4. Mike Norton’s Battlepug

5. Wendy and Richard Pini’s Elfquest (petalwing on top of the Invincible dude’s head)

6.Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s sex criminals

7. Joe Ketinge and Leila Del Duca’s Shutter

8. Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker’s Invincible

9. Egypt Urnash’s Decrypting Rita

10. Rob Liefeld’s PROPHET (that me and Simon Roy and Giannis Milonogiannis and Farel Dalrymple and Joseph Bergin III work on)

11.Mike Kunkel’s Herobear and the Kid.

12.Aaron Diaz’s Dresden Codak

13. Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor’s & voiced by Cecil Baldwin Welcome to Night Vale

14.Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Bandette

15.Ron Randall’s Trekker

16. Damon Gentry and Aaron Conley’s Sabertooth Swordsman

17.  Rick Spears and Chuck BB’s Black metal.

18 Stan Sakai ’s Usagi Yōjinbō 兎用心棒

19. Jeff Smith’s Bone

20. Mike Allred’s Madman

21, My (Brandon Graham, me me me ) King city.

22.Adam Warren’s Empowered. (that I just drew a one shot issue of)

23.Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Ríos’s Pretty deadly.

24. Erik Larsen’s savage dragon (Malcolm dragon)

25. E.K. Weaver’s T.J. and Amal (my favorite ongoing web comic—sooo good)

26.Corey Lewis’s Sharknife. (YOSHHHHH!!)

27. Kenichi Sonoda Gunsmith cats. (I’m sooo hyped that Sonada is gonna be at the con this year)

28.  Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt’s The Sixth gun.

29. Kenichi Sonoda’s Bubble gum crisis. (this is basically an anime con from 1994 now)

30.Greg Rucka  and Michael Lark’s Lazarus

31. David Petersen’s Mouse guard.

32. John Graham and Victor Steinbrueck’s The space needle

33. Ryan North’s Dinosaur comics

34.Richard Starkings Elephantmen.

35.  H. G. Wells invisible man

36. Shannon Wheeler’s Too much coffee man.

37. Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s Happy!

38.Rob Guillory and John Layman’s Chew, CHOG

39.Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, and Scott Kowalchuk’s Down Set Fight

40. Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch’s Rat Queens.

41. Eric Stephenson and Nate Bellegarde’s Nowhere men

42. Kevin Church & Grace Allison’s Wander

43. Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis and Brooke Allen’s Lumberjanes

44. Cat Farris’s flaccid badger

and the rough I’d done to show the ECCC guys:


and here’s the panels I’ll be doing at the show:

Image Comics Presents Comedy in Comics
Room: TCC 301
FRIDAY: 3:00PM – 3:50PM

Sometimes the best comics are the funny ones, but getting jokes across in print while simultaneously telling an engaging story can be tough. Luckily, we have Rob Guillory, Roc Upchurch, Chip Zdarsky, Jim Zub, Kurtis Wiebe, Brandon Graham, Matt Fraction who can tell you their secrets, tips, and a few really good jokes.

Harsh Realm: Adam Warren and Brandon Graham
Room: HALL D (602-603)
Sunday 1:40PM – 2:30PM

Adam Warren (Empowered) and Brandon Graham (Prophet) are two creators at the top of their game. The two gather to discuss how they incorporate their influences in their work, creating comics that don’t look like any other comics on the racks, & more!


Right after drawing that thing I did a cover for Joe Keatinge and Leila del Duca’s Shutter:


Emma Rios. homie who draws pretty deadly also did a cover



annnnd Dustin Weaver did this niceee one




This week Prophet #43 came out and we’re about to send #44 off. (leading up to #45 dun dun dun!)

#44 is done by Dave Taylor, whose work I first saw on 1999’s Tongue lash. It’s been amazing working with him. I think this might be our Moebius tribute issue.

Here’s a couple pages:





I think we’re gonna try to do more work together again soon.

Also in a weeek the Empowered issue that Warren wrote and I drew comes out:



Going through my sketchbook I found this early cover idea:



I was really into doing a cut away like a Yamaguchi Akira thang:




and here’s some more sketchbook stuff I scanned this morning:

(some AT with Marian drawing SF2 drawings)



Deunan and tintin
















This one was fun with me and Marian drawing “no” and “yes” all over a page I was drawing. desecrating my endless bum drawings.





hmm  I’ve been on a wanting to draw more than there are hours in the day kick. I wanna draw more comics mann. I took yesterday to ignore pressing deadlines and just draw some Warheads.

This week I’m working on an episode of Adventure time with Jesse Moynihan. It’s been really fun so far but daunting because the bar is set so high on that show and I am out of my comic book element.

I’ve got this feeling recently like I need to be doing a lot better or pushing things in my work more. it’s an ego killing humbling feeling that I need like food and water. I like it and hopefully It’ll push me.

I used to always fear getting eaten by the comic industry so that I wasn’t making personal work anymore. It’s fucking hard because there’s been so many amazing projects being thrown at me. I’m gonna try to make sure that both get done though. I used to always say “the more I draw the more I draw” and if anything I have been feeling like I’m running on a different fuel than I was in the past.

In previous years I always felt like I needed to be gathering stories to tell, new jokes and puns –jumping out of windows life experiences. But these days that stuff is less my goal. I feel more like trying to get the in between moments of my life on paper.  Eating and sleeping and  just what it’s like just being a human onto paper. But I’m so trained by years and years of sci fi sometimes my default is just –ok “during the robot wars…”

Plus I’ve been feeling like the work I do fits into 2 different camps-1. Fan fiction and 2 art therapy.

There’s some crossover but 1 is like Empowered drawing or Prophet –where I’m playing off of the stuff I loved growing up.

and 2 is more like what I’ve been trying to put into the new Warheads. Thinking about my real real life and all that jazz.

ok. Thanks for reading. I’m gonna watch some AT episodes and try to do the do.

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15 Responses to Do the do

  1. Raw Fish says:

    loved the baphomet lady on the last sketch page.

  2. Adam Szym says:

    I feel like that kind of desire to move forward in your work is healthy and also something that a lot of shitty creators in whatever medium DON’T have. If you can look at your own work and feel completely satisfied with it you’re just going to stagnate. I’m pretty sure the ONLY time I look at my stuff and think it’s great is when I get home drunk or something and I can pick up my pages and be like “Woaaaah, I did this, alright.” And then I wake up and think it’s trash and try harder.

    Maybe you can’t see the forest for the trees, but I feel like you capture those kinds of quiet moments in life pretty well within the SF backdrop in your work, though maybe not in the way your current self would like.

    Also those Dave Taylor pages are unreal.

  3. Paul says:

    “But these days that stuff is less my goal. I feel more like trying to get the in between moments of my life on paper. Eating and sleeping and just what it’s like just being a human onto paper.”

    My favourite work you do is your slice of life stuff (little “apartment” strips with Marian etc.), hope to see more of it!

  4. good luck on your kickstarter! the detail in your work is really brilliant!

  5. In previous years I always felt like I needed to be gathering stories to tell, new jokes and puns –jumping out of windows life experiences. But these days that stuff is less my goal. I feel more like trying to get the in between moments of my life on paper. Eating and sleeping and just what it’s like just being a human onto paper. But I’m so trained by years and years of sci fi sometimes my default is just –ok “during the robot wars…”

    I already get quite a lot of that from King City and MW, so you’re succeeding. And that’s a damn good thing; There are a lot of comics writers and artists, many of them very well-known and well-paid, who fail at that. In fact, trying to think of a mainstream comic that did that regularly, the one that comes to mind is Tom DeFalco’s Spider-Girl, which of course was not only cancelled but completely retconned away with Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage being annulled by demonic compact. (!)

  6. So many things:)
    Loving the Moebiusishnish of it all!
    We gotta hang someday my old friend.

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  9. Owen says:

    The second panel of that first Prophet page is freaky, as I was mouse-wheel scrolling down the page the heads looked like they were coming together, awesome sauce!

  10. Listening to the first Inkstuds on the Road now. Really nice interview, man. Allred is crazy intimate & the shading process stuff is very cool.

    Random question I had a while back but forgot to ask… You’ve talked about Moritat advising you to always do free sketches at cons. Just curious, how detailed do you go with those? I tried a Google search but couldn’t find any of yours posted.

  11. Jessica says:

    You’re balance between 1 and 2 is one of the things that made me fall in love with your comics. The artwork caught my eye a year ago with King City and the endless details in each panel. I’ve always enjoyed a comic that can show me something new each time I read it. The stories you tell are the reason I have traveled around trying to collect all of the work you have been apart of. When I read through your comics I feel like someone out there understands all the strange places my mind wanders off to and I truly appreciate that. I’m am looking forward to meeting you in person at SPX this September. I’m trying to decide which question I would like to ask you the most and which comic I would like you to sign. I’m very excited. I do not know the schedule for the expo but if there are panels, it would fantastic to have you speak during one of them.
    Thank you for all of the art, all of the weird, and the depth of storytelling.

  12. noahlatz says:

    I’ve been hooked on your work since reading King City a few years ago, and the Prophet stuff continues to blow me away. You get that whole ‘far-flung space euro-comic’ vibe better than so many creators out there and comics that scratch that itch are hard to come by. Best wishes dude, keep up the good work!

  13. Hi Brandon,
    My name is Greg, and I really dig the cover you did for Shutter #1. I was wondering if that was something that would be available to purchase. I dig cats, and an alarm cat is too cool. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork.

    All the Best,


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