Hello hello,

My pal Farel is visiting me and having a book party tomorrow at Lucky’s (here in Vancougar. rarrrr ) It should be fun.


Here’s the cover of his new book:


It’s a nice fat hardcover thing full of his short comics and drawings. it’s Impressive stuff.:


a PDF preview of the book here

And here’s a recent Farel page I liked for a story that’ll run in DHP


He draws nice huh.


me and Farel and Simon are gonna work out the layouts for the final Prophet issue of the main series while he’s here.

Mostly we’ve been drawing and watching MST3K episodes. My Empowered and Multiple Warheads pages are slowly puttering along.put put put I am a drawing and or napping machine.

Last week I got to do a Pin up for Emma Rios and Kelly Sue Deconnick’s impressive book, Pretty deadly. It’s the only monthly thing I pick up on the day it’s out.  I feel like I was channeling some of Marian’s lines on those feathers.


This will run in the back of #4. I’ve been thinking about how the density and complexity of each issue really ads to my enjoyment of reading it. It means I see new things rereading an issue. & Emma is some kind of manga panel scientist.

oh also, I wanted to show off this–awhile back I got a copy of Paul Pope’s Battling boy.


While he was working on it Pope had written to tell me that he put a nod to King city into the background of his Arcopolis.

Here’s a page from King city:


and the same back ground outside of BB’s apartmentImage

I’ve been a fan of Pope’s work for a long time so it was a kick to see.and normally I drastically prefer his stuff in black and white but I thought Hilary Sycamore did a decent job on this stuff. With Pope’s books I always want it printed HUGE. I am spoiled off his old Buzz buzz book. but whatever fun book.

Also awhile back I got this awesome pin up from Shari Chankhamma, (who also colors Xmas and Brisson’s Sheltered)


My scan didn’t quite do it justice but yeah, it’s a drawing of Earthling and this Walrus loving lady who showed up on one page of Warheads.


and another drawing of Shari’s I like–this speaks to my pillow fort lifestyle.


More on here site here.


Also also me and Farel watched Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky.


It’s odd that final scene in the movie is the box cover–but the movie is so crazy that it doesn’t really matter.

You can watch the whole thing here: 

based on the 87 to 1990 Masahiko Takajo and Saruwatari Tetsuya manga.


I like that the comic, called Violence hero Riki-Oh lists it’s chapters as Violences. I would like it if more books did that. You’d hear in school rooms “now if you would all open your books to Violence 12..”


:for the most part the movie seems like a really close adaption of the start of the comic, although the crazy violence seems even more crazy and violent in the live action. There is some stuff I saw skimming the comic that is weirder than the movie though. Like this guy’s crow entrance. Murdeeeeer!


The whole comic is up here.


and and here is a cool looking book Farel brought to my pad.


now more coffee and drawing stuff.

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6 Responses to Violence!

  1. Excellent stuff. Delusional looks great. I may have to get that. And I love your super flat colours on Warheads. Hope you enjoyed England.

  2. …so, your postings led to me picking up the first three issues of Pretty Deadly, which i must admit, i have enjoyed immensely – extremely impressed with what comes from the mind of Kelly Sue DeConnick… like hearing an old ballad in prose… & cheers for the preview of Farel’s new book! …really gonna miss Roy’s contributions to the art on Prophet, but after reading Jan’s Atomic Heart, i cannot wait to see where he will be pouring that visual storytelling into next…! Also, i must concur with Spleenal here, the flat colors on the new Multiple Warheads 4 part was a phenomenal addition to the book – really feeling the distance from the foreground to the background & the details seem to breathe a lot more effortlessly in my mind… Anyhow, i am totally stoked for ImageCon (more so now, since i took your advice & picked up Pretty Deadly…) & really looking forward to the Internal Medicine Empowered Special – the previous Nine Beers with Ninjette was a gem… really love all these homages going on – you doing the Dirty Pair characters & Pope dropping King City nods in Battling Boy – alright, enough rambling… see ya in San Francisco…

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  4. ted says:


    I just became your fan, I bought a copy of “multiple WH” and I loved it.
    I love your drawing, it reminds me Moebius.
    I read mostly Japanese Manga, and this one of my favorite, “the Seiji” check it out

  5. Mattjax says:

    Dammit man, post more here! I know I know, you got a zillion new projects, lots of irons in lots of fires, etc, but come on! We need info! 8house sounds awesome btw. Rereading King City for the umpteenth time, just got the ‘enter the dragon’ reference from the catmaster training camp that Mudd made, awesome. You should release an art book of pin ups, 50% Sexica. I have 1 sexica tattoo already, 2nd forthcoming, not sure what one it’s gonna be tho, either the original cover to the Multiple Warheads “the fall” one shot or the pic of her under the crossword puzzle in King City. Future girlfriend would hate that one more, haha. Keep up the good work Brandon, I’m so glad that you’re getting the recognition and accolades you deserve for all the fine work! (and poppin’ buttz) 🙂 laterz

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