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once again.

Hello, I’ve been neglecting posting here as of late but with good reason, I’ve been focusing my attention on a new podcast –-A HUNDRED YEARS, that I’ve been doing every week with my pal Farel Dalrymple of Popgun war, Proxima … Continue reading

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Looking up at down.

I’m on farmer hours again, waking up too early. I’m just finishing up the 1st issue of my next series (Rain like Hammers) I should have a release date by the next time I type on here & hopefully a … Continue reading

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Above water

Hello, Hello, My ROYALBOILER art book is sent off to the nice folks at Image comics, with just the spine to finish up tonight. Here’s the Outro-comic I made for the end of the book: Also I made a couple … Continue reading

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stone soup

(from Mazzucchelli’s Rubber blankets #3) Hello, I’ve been working with a therapist which has been difficult and great and long overdue. Being a human for 41 years will mess you up dawg. Here’s part of a comic I did that maybe … Continue reading

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Dogs meow

Hello,   Social media has me feeling like Joe Budden on some “you bought the music not the dude that made it” The last few(?) weeks away from twitter have left me feeling like I have more time for my … Continue reading

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More humanoïdes associés

Hello, So many moons ago I did a couple drawings based on Moebius drawings & asked everyone to jump in and do their versions. (here’s the old Starwatcher one me & Moritat did here)  I did this drawing last night … Continue reading

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Deepest darkest

  Hello, I wanted to write my own version of notes on the Wicked + Divine issue #17 that I did with Kieron (& Jamie) Kieron’s notes are here.  I sent in these rough covers ideas first. — Kieron mentioned doing a … Continue reading

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Artwork from hard work.

Helloooo, I was planning on being on a plane tonight. on my way to the UK land of tardises (tardi?) Wizard schools and and lion gods– and the Thought bubble convention. I’m stuck in Canada because of a resident card that … Continue reading

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I wanted to type on here about recent stuff I’ve been up to just to get it all in one place. First first first. me and my pal Robin are in the final days of our Kickstarter to tour around … Continue reading

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Hello hello, My pal Farel is visiting me and having a book party tomorrow at Lucky’s (here in Vancougar. rarrrr ) It should be fun. Here’s the cover of his new book: It’s a nice fat hardcover thing full of … Continue reading

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