More humanoïdes associés


So many moons ago I did a couple drawings based on Moebius drawings & asked everyone to jump in and do their versions. (here’s the old Starwatcher one me & Moritat did here) 

I did this drawing last night of Rumiko Takahashi’s electric alien lady Lum.


I drew that after I saw this Manara GQ cover based on the 1st Moebius, Metal hurlant cover


Here’s the Moebius cover:


In one of his art books Moebius talked about basing this drawing off of a Maxfield Parrish painting


This one:


Soo yeah, It would be fun to see other artists do their own versions.



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2 Responses to More humanoïdes associés

  1. Aku says:

    Nicely done.
    Always felt that Moebius was hands down my favourite artist of all time and it’s fun to see other artists playing around with his stuff like this – I look forward to seeing any pieces inspired by this post that people sent you.
    I’d do one except I couldn’t draw to save my life. 😀

  2. atyatlek says:

    Randomly speaking, does the Ux-Ron issue of Unstoppables in Fallout 4 have a brandongrahamish feel to it? (though infinitely inferior).

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