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This is how Marian states her demands.

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goon smith

  Some sketchbook stuff I did this week. Hello, It’s 5 in the am and it’s snowing outside my window, so stuff is good. I’m going down to Seattle for the Emerald city con in a couple of days. The ECCC site. … Continue reading

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Bears repeating

Hola, I went over to Marley’s place last night. Stokoe is on some weird deadline schedule to get more Orcstain out STAT. I borrowed one of her Otomo books to put up. She’s been drawing an Elephant issue that Marian wrote, it looks … Continue reading

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I am there

Hello, I just woke up with my pal Claire outside the 2 story window yelling “TEEAA TIMEE!” and then dancing off when I stuck my face out the window. This is my life. So I’m awake now. Last week I did … Continue reading

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paper hat

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