Bears repeating


I went over to Marley’s place last night. Stokoe is on some weird deadline schedule to get more Orcstain out STAT. I borrowed one of her Otomo books to put up. She’s been drawing an Elephant issue that Marian wrote, it looks awesome.

I talk a lot about how important Moebius’s work is to me, it’s cool to see how influential he’s been to other artists I like. Here’s an old Otomo short called Flower– out of his book Memories.

There’s a review of the book up here.

that says “The first story Otomo created after reading Moebius”  I get the idea Otomo was already well on his way before he did this–with all his earlier stuff like Sayonara japan that I can’t see any Moebius influence in.

But still it’s a nice thought the idea of Otomo getting some Arzach and being like “oh shit, it is on!”

Like in this Suntory old art he did (same stuff Bill murry was pushing in Lost in translation)

That drawing feels like if these 2 moebius drawings had a baby.

On a Moebius kick, Sean Witzke (whose writing on comics and movies is adamantium solid) put up a great post talking about The airtight garage.

Reading it reminded me of these photo’s I’d found on this internet long ago showing some of the photos Moebius referenced. — I added the Earhart one, I’m not sure if it’s as on point as the Patti Smith and Hendrix ones.


I like this Emily Carroll comic. She’s so good.

The whole thing is up here:

The way she drew the end is my favorite part.


 I got this Multiple Warheads drawing from Liz Suburbia.

Liz is doing some of my favorite stuff in Norteamericano comic books. Her visual tricks all have a nice truth to them. It all reads like she’s been there and done these things.

I like the page on the left with the drunk panel and how she shows noise on the right page.

You can read the whole thing on her site;


Here’s an amazing drawing my old  Meathaus homie Tomer Hanuka did.

Tomer’s site

I like to brag that Tomer taught me photoshop.  He gave me a rundown in an afternoon on how layers and multiply works. I don’t think I’ve had to learn much about Photoshop since. He always has such a casual way of showing you some amazing drawing he’s done like it was nothing. I have good memories of going over to his place near alphabet city on my lunch breaks working at the awful Strand books shipping floor-. One time I got so caught up in seeing what he’d been drawing I made it back like 2 hours after my lunch break– no one noticed.

And here’s some more Moebius I hadn’t seen before.

And some Lemon people pages I like the colors and the 80’s manga stank of. Lemon people is like a porn anthology so this stuff seems weirdly out of place.

 Man, I like that grumpy looking bird with his rainbow tears.

Also I’ve really been enjoying this interview with Sean Michael Robertson talking to Gerhard about his process on Cerebus. Cool to see all the diagrams and model he made.

Aight peace out, here’s some raps.

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16 Responses to Bears repeating

  1. dickstroyer says:

    You teach us so much. KEEP ME INSPIRED

  2. ferburton says:

    I’m really digging Liz’s stuff there. I’m definitely going to have to sink my teeth into some of that.

  3. Philip S. says:

    wow – i’ve always loved that Voodoo Soup cover – great posts, B. Guh-Guh-Graham – they are indeed inspiring!

  4. Aviv says:

    Holy crap that Otomo comic is amazing! I actually thought the first page was a Moebius illustration. The influence is pretty strong.

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  6. seanvdm says:

    awesome shit. Did you read the big review TCJ posted on Madwoman Of The Sacred Heart? it’s over here:

    Pretty good read, it has some interesting info on the creation of the book.

    • Brandon says:

      I hadn’t seen that, thanks for the link.
      I was kind of disapointed reading Madwoman again, as much as it’s awesome to have Moebius back in english. He’s definatly an artists who I prefer writing his own stuff.

      I like reading about that method of pulling random books off your shelf as a starting point. I just tried that and got a quote about someone throwing their most important thing away like it was nothing– I could see that trick working, anything to get the gears moving i guess.

      • seanvdm says:

        yeah, I liked that too. another one for “when you’re stuck on a drawing” list!

        Madwoman got reprinted in dutch a few years back, the same edition the US got but slightly bigger. You can never go wrong with Moebius’ artwork. In a couple of months there’s gonna be a dutch language, black and white, massive sized reprint of two of the best Blueberry comics he did, I cannot wait for that one.

  7. Wood says:

    Now I’m really curious about this Lemon People manga.

  8. farel says:

    holy sheet, you are on wordpress now. awesome. the ads on the lj were always a pain in the butt for my old computer to deal with. leland purvis sent me a photo moebius copied for one of his drawings. i can’t find the jpeg of the moebius but here is the photo he used

    maybe you can spot it.
    another awesome post, sir.
    see you at the emerald city, sucka.

  9. Mr.Sheldon says:


  10. Autsanaut says:

    Oh man that Memories book looks awesome, found a cheap copy so looking forward to ingesting that. Won’t say nono to more Otomo. And those Lemon people pages have some pretty colours. So do the Otomo ones, of course.

    I’m liking your new home, very spacious and modern. I don’t think LJ serves any purpose for me anymore.

  11. samax says:

    hellz yeah,
    Blazing Arrow is a great album! and y’know… good comics too! lawl

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