Dogs meow



Social media has me feeling like Joe Budden on some “you bought the music not the dude that made it”

thanks low

The last few(?) weeks away from twitter have left me feeling like I have more time for my thoughts– and ideas like -baby rapper “50 placenta” die on the vine. I’m thinking a lot about how I interact with the comics community– If I don’t post about it on here, I’ll dig a hole and scream it into it. Don’t forget to like and subscribe that hole.

Tonight I finished putting together the extra stuff for my 2nd (and last maybe) Multiple Warheads collection–that comes out in June from Image comics. Here’s a new opening spread.

Low MW 2 TPB inside front cover and page one

and the cover

MW 2 GHOSTOWN fixed cover low

Aside from that I’ve been putting together an artbook and a new series.

I haven’t got a name for my next series yet but I’ve got a chunk of the 1st issue done in a story called Elephant about a man who lives in a giant walking city.

e out

E inside

I’ve been messing with piecing together reference in photoshop. For the interior of the city I put together a Frankenstein-image made from several different mall photos- to look at while drawing it.

e in

and an apartment building with some elephant legs for the exterior

elephant rough

I’m still months and months away from this stuff hitting shelves. I made a sketchbook diary page about how the process feels.


Aside from comics I’ve been doing a lot of work with the porn parody company Woodrocket.

Wood low

It started as a series of posters for movies they did and older movies they hold the licensees to

Fap to the future poster low

Debbie done

Here’s the roughs for the Debbie poster–

debbie rough

After doing those and getting along famously with the Woodrocket crew and their Voltron-head,  Lee Roy Myers –he invited me to co write some stuff with him. So in an afternoon we wrote a porn parody of John Wick, JOHN WANK!

john Wank logo

I went down to the set for the filming and painted a background for one scene.

(me painting it)


and it in the movie with Codey Steele acting up in front of it.

wank dog

I also did some drawings for the title — One of Codey

john Wank John

and April O’Neil who played the villain

john Wank april I took a lot of notes and drawings on the set that I might turn into a comic eventually.


You can watch John Wank in it’s entirety for free here. 

After that, I worked on DragonBoobZ written by Vuko and directed by her and April O’Neil .That’s Casey Kisses, Daisy Ducati (as Prick-alo) , Brenna Sparks (as Go-cooze) Missy Martinez (as Vagin-Buu) and AJ as Vag-eata –I might’ve added some puns to the script, WHO CAN SAY.

Emily Ratajkowski

Woodrocket hired my pal Casey Kisses (on the left) to play Ball-MA –Which was especially cool, both to have a friend on set and because she’s the first trans woman that Woodrocket has put in one of their parodies.  So cool and cool.

I did some on set art– like glueing penis logos that I drew over things.

DBZ logoooo

me and Lee Roy had a great hushed debate in a craft store isle full of moms about why I though Vag-eata’s shirt needed to say VAGMAN

and I did some drawings that were added to the video later.

DBZ Cocksule.jpg

DBZ Kummy.jpg

DBZ urine.jpg

DBZ time room.jpg

My girlfriend, and Latin ICON Alejandra Gutiérrez came down there with me and did a week long diary comic for The comics journal about our week in Vegas. *you can read the whole thing here)


And here’s some sketches I did on set.

DBZ setset

DBZ set

DBZ set set set

The DBZ movie is up here 

Next we’re working on a (non-porn) science fiction show called, Emperor of the known universe. Starring April O’Neil and Tommy Pistol. (here’s an early sketch)


When I get asked to work on screenplays it never seems as fun as making comics, but with Woodrocket — we can just make the thing ourselves and shop around a finished show rather than just a pitch. We’re aiming for a looooow budget 70’s UK tv feel. Plus I like the idea of making something like this with a porn crew and actors who do sex work. There’s been way too much shitting on people on that industry lately

Here’s some sketches I made to show the guys making the stuff.

Empereor emp

EMPEROR space pirate

emperor ship

The set is just being built now, and looks like this– so far. We’re gonna film it next month.

Empereor ship

So that’s where I’m at. Next time I’ll get into some of the stuff I’ve been reading.

(I’ve been reading this)



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4 Responses to Dogs meow

  1. Lucas says:

    That’s a great update, dude. It’s more fun, I think, to read about you in blog format than in snippets on twitter – where you just get a few odd, unconnected morsels. It’s fun to see the unfolding stories of your art hero. Yesterday I learned that ‘they’’re going to make Liefelds Extreme Universe into a movie franchise and I was suddenly inspired by the idea that they’d use YOUR adaptation of Prophet for a movie, or a trilogy of movies. ‘They’’d be crazy not to! Anyway, looking forward to your new books and to the Emperor film.

    – Lucas

  2. Peggy says:

    That period of being off of Twitter but still having your brain try to cram observations and stray thoughts into a Relatably Viral Tweet is a really strange one, isn’t it? I’ve been backsliding lately and really need to get off the social mediases and get more drawing done.

    Elephant looks cool, those are some amazing backgrounds! And that space pirate mask looks like something straight out of a nightmarish Tom Baker episode of Doctor Who, which I guess means you are nailing that 70s U.K. TV vibe.

  3. ghettomanga says:

    I am SOOO happy that you’re blogging again! You are such an awesome blogger! I love getting these beautiful rambly masterpieces in my email! (((airhorn)))

    On Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 11:06 AM, Brandon Graham wrote:

    > Brandon posted: “Hello, Social media has me feeling like Joe Budden on > some “you bought the music not the dude that made it” The last few(?) weeks > away from twitter have left me feeling like I have more time for my > thoughts– and ideas like -baby rapper “50 pl” >

  4. D.J. Bryant says:

    Always enjoy getting a dose of your stuff through the blog format. Your blog posts back in the day were a big inspiration to me.

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