once again.


I’ve been neglecting posting here as of late but with good reason, I’ve been focusing my attention on a new podcast –-A HUNDRED YEARS, that I’ve been doing every week with my pal Farel Dalrymple of Popgun war, Proxima Centarti and Prophet fame.  It’s up on Itunes and hereeeee


Aside from that I’ve also just started a Patreon, which is a more sketcbook focused and much more updated version of what I would do on here. I avoided monetising this sort of thing for years but I think the reality is that it’s the best way to ensure that I have time to do the stuff.  (it’s up here) 

esex low P .jpg

Also there’s an dirty drawing sex-tion on there.


I was trying to figure out how to go about this in a reasonable way, my main work is still making comics through Image comics– so I didn’t want to ask anyone to pay for anything twice– I’ve been thinking of the Patreon as showing the roots of something, the process stuff –layouts, videos of me drawing and talking about the stuff that’s influencing my work– and then saving the whole finished thing for print.  I hope people feel good about that.

My main thing right now is RAIN LIKE HAMMERS, that I’m 80 something pages into– It’ll get an official release date when I’ve got 120 pages done.

Here’s the (not quite finished) opening spread to issue 3

R2-000 - 001.jpg

I’ve also been working a lot with Woodrocket this past year (check out John Wank if you haven’t seen it)  and we’ve been talking about re-printing some of my old work in color. Here’s how the pages are looking so far:

PF 001

PF 008.jpg

In the past I’d always been adamant about leaving my own work where it was– so Pillow fight in color is an experiment– I’ve been trying to leave the drawings alone and just focus on color, I fixed some minor stuff where the anatomy was too rough to ignore. I think I’ll be adding a new new short to the final thing when it’s all colored.

I’m still figuring out what gets posted on here and my instagram (I still sometimes use Tumbr — but it’s mostly a graveyard)

Anyway thanks for reading– here’s a link to one of my favourite Heinlien books I’m listening to again for a podcast episode 



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