Looking up at down.

I’m on farmer hours again, waking up too early.

I’m just finishing up the 1st issue of my next series (Rain like Hammers) I should have a release date by the next time I type on here & hopefully a cover!

Here’s a title page from it.


I often fudge the perspective in my drawings– but this being such an obvious 3 point perspective– it looked really off in my initial pencils.

perp 3

I scanned it and added red lines in photoshop to figure out the right way to draw the thing.


and then  drew a grid based off of that


then light tabled and inked the final thing over that.


A couple of months back me and my pal Farel and my GF Alejandra came up with a list of daily drawings to do in October. (because a lot of artists were doing the Inktober– ink drawings everyday)


Here’s each of our versions of Spider-man in a fur coat (number 11)

Alejandra’s (from her instagram here) 

Spiderman A

Farel’s (from here) 

Spiderman F.JPG

and mine (this is my instagram) 

ink 11 low

I really enjoyed drawing Barbarella

ink 21 low .jpg

It felt really nice to have a set thing to do everyday, and it helped me out a ton that I was able to sell the drawings. I’ve been trying to keep some of that same motivation in my comics work, but without the easy dopamine hit of social media likes. The internet is a powerful drug mannnnnn.

Here’s a couple of recent covers I did. One for Rumble, I did in trade for a box of Toth comics– (like I need more comics)

RUMBLE Graham cover low .jpg

and the pencils for that–

rumble hero ruff.jpg

and some sketches I did looking through Rumble issues trying to think of what to draw.


rumblesketch 2.jpg

I also did a cover this week for Osiris Path. — a series Behemoth Comics is putting out about finding weird shit on the moon. the yellow reflection was last minute choice, but maybe what I’m most happy with.

Osiris Graham cover low

and the sketch for that.


and here’s some recent sketchbook drawings.  I drew Alejandra a few nights ago. ( I always leave out her nose ring- not because I don’t like it but because it’s small)

pink haird low

and this thing where I was trying out some new style.

Limebones low

Brandnew low

razz1 low

razz  2 low.jpg

movie low.jpg

This one’s from 1960’s The apartment.

appartment small

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy whose apartment is being used by the higher ups in his office as a spot to go for their illicit affairs. It a fun movie but also has some dark moments. Like when the main lady tries to kill herself and our hero who owns the apartment can relate too much because of his own past. –


I was thinking the idea of working in a giant company and letting your fellow employees use your place to off themselves sounds like a manga plot– the copy of the key that’s passed around could have a skull on it.


I wanted to talk about my pal Veronica Casson’s work. Her and her family have been some of my favorite people I’ve met since moving to Portland.

She’s been working on an autobiographical comic, GRIND LIKE A GIRL, about her experiences being trans and growing up in NJ. Via her Instragram (here) and her Patreon (here) 

Here’s some pages:

grind color

Grind 1

grind jason

That last rearview mirror panel is sooo cool.

As much as trans rights and identity have been a big topic of conversation in recent years, I’m surprised that I can’t think of any autobio breakout work in comics talked about–on a Stuck rubber baby or Blankets, level– but some of that might just be my own blindspots?  but I’m excited to see what Veronica does with this book.


A couple months back I was playing a game with Alejandra where I wrote what I think the 2002 Britney Spears film CROSSROADS was about– without ever seeing it


It turned into a werewolf thing. It’s up on the soon to be porn free wasteland that is tumblr (here)

Alex Smith drew a whole comic page about it: (Alex’s tumblr)

crossroads comic


I also just watched 2001 and read the Kirby comic adaption.


seeing both versions of it made me think about two distinct ways to approach sci fi– (1) the Kubrik/Clarke way of looking at real science and trying to make something that feels like where we might go– or (2) The Kirby,  throwing together cool and weird ideas with more emphasis on fun– but he did sometimes hit things like the Motherbox/cell phones.


I guess Kirby was Kirby but I find it funny that both 2001 and The Prisoner were things he did as comics. both projects thrive on leaving things unexplained and up to the viewer.


It’s interesting to see what changed Kirby did in the 2001 comic. I feel like the text in it over explains everything. Me and Farel were talking recently about how much of that is trying to make universally clear work , maybe it was that it was made for a younger audience, or maybe even just a good tool to slow the reader down and take in each panel with more time.

Another interesting thing is how sometimes the Kirby version often feels more low rent than the movie. Here’s the space Hilton in the movie:

2001 hilton movie.jpg

and Kirby’s version, where he draws the room as much more cramped – maybe that’s just the speed that he had to produce pages at.

2001 hilton comic.jpg

He’ll also sometimes just use photos for panels, I like that trick.


I love when he does his Kirby 2 page spreads — but still with the ever present text


Kirby 1

I also found this photo from the 60’s that I assume Manara used for reference on a Butterscotch panel.

60's mini

I like that she’s even on her toes in the 2nd panel to match the high heels of the reference.

60's mini manara.jpg

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to and looking at.

be excellent.gif

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10 Responses to Looking up at down.

  1. wadeswaxmuseum says:

    Brandon…I can’t wait to read/look at your new work! You are one of my top 5 favorite artists…you’re right up there with Moebius,Gray Morrow,and damn I’m horrible w names..guy that does the wild over the top muscular dudes and gifted chicks..old school…he did underground comics…I believe I have told you this before..could you give me a rundown of what you have done within the last 4-5 years? I had to cut out one expense and comics was the one…..I was just spending too much.  NOW. I can afford some again.   Thanks Wade

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks! I think you might mean Richard Corben who did DEN in Heavy metal.
      I guess you might’ve missed my Multiple Warheads books (there’s 2) Prophet (5) and my Royalboiler art book.

  2. egypturnash says:

    Damn, that “new style” sketchbook page feels super seventies. That’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

    “Wordy” is a good description of a lot of Kirby’s stuff. I suspect his deadlines may be part of that, too – I know my first drafts are often a lot wordier than my later ones, and going through multiple drafts to get it down to one perfect sentence takes *time* that you just don’t have when you’re cranking out stuff at whatever crazy speed Jack was doing. (4-5p/day in the Silver Age, according to his Wikipedia entry.) Fuck, every time I think about how fast Jack was I feel incredibly slow, right now I’m managing about four a *month* because I’m an idiot who wants to lovingly paint all her backgrounds instead of handing off tight pencils to the rest of the assembly line.

    • Matt Ocasio says:

      “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.”
      – Blaise Pascal

    • Brandon says:

      Good to see you on here Egypt!
      70’s was what I was going for– like Crumb’s old sketchbook work.

      And I certainly understand how molasses speed comics can go. I think the stuff you make shows that you put the work into it.

  3. Ben Bridenbaugh says:

    Longtime fan.

    Curious – is this Patreon Legit – ?

    https://www.patreon.com/royalboiler – coz I don’t see any mention of it on this site with far more legacy or your DeviantArt site… Just FYI to update or deal with.

    Again, love your works – just got Walrus today to complete major published works.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks for getting Walrus, and yeah that’s my patreon, It’s still pretty new so I haven’t posted about it on here yet. I appreciate you checking

  4. calvinbexfield says:

    Man I really miss reading your updates. Are you posting on a different platform?

  5. Bart Verbelen says:

    I love (re)reading your blog posts! You know a lot about the good stuff.
    My wallet starts to cry when I’m scrolling through them 😉
    I like what you’re doing on instagram as well. Keep on posting.

    All your work is awesome so I had to include it in my Top 50 Comics of 2010s :

    At the moment, I am also building a video series around Métal Hurlant AKA the French and original Heavy Metal (I don’t have to explain that to you).
    Always welcome to stop by 😉

    Anyways, keep up the good work !
    A big fan from Brussels,

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