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4 Responses to 12issues

  1. JayeRandom says:

    I am late to this party and not seeing any ishes prior to #11 for sale anywhere? Do you know anybody that’s got ’em in stock? Are ya gonna publish a TPB? MUST KNOW. BTW YER WORK IS *AWESOME*.

  2. Dan Lish says:

    Just stumbled across your work Brandon, looks fantastic! I’m inspired by Moebius too (who isn’t in some form)… I’ve just had my first novel published by the French publisher ‘Akileos’. My novel’s entitled ‘Cartigan’. Anyway, enough of this brazen self promotion bollox. Keep up the great work and maybe one day it’d be great to meet you in person and have a coffee!
    Dan Lish

  3. lance says:

    litteraly just now finnished reading king city (the big ass book). frickin loved it.

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