before the roosters yawn


 I’m staying up all night to jump on a train in the morning. I’m going to the Stumptown con in Portland. I should be fun.

Here’s a Sexica drawing I did today.

I went over to Muggles and Stokoe’s place to make sure they were fed and watered. James is finishing off this massive poster. I ganked this photo off of Marleys twitter ( Claire took it.)

Earlier this week me and James were looking through his pal Jhosephine Tan’s deviant art.  She’s doing some really cool stuff. I really like the way she simplifies stuff –like on this first panel and the “you wonder” panel

And I like how she did the ending here, looking up through the street.

More here:

That last panel reminded me of this Tanuma Yuuicirou panel from his porn comic, Participet. I like all the ways you mess with how the reader views a scene.

Here’s some Toshiki Yui pages I like from his impressions of europe.

When I was in middle school I had an ad for this stuck on my binder. As played out as it can get something about flying fish reminds me of all the 80’s Dr Slump, Mario stuff I’m so in to.

Here’s some covers I like. (darrow on the top left and Heinlein’s Puppet masters on the low right)

I ran into a French site with some different takes on Tintin covers.

I like this one with old man Tintin and Hadock.

And here’s some stuff of the anime version of Heinleins Starship troopers;

Also I ran into a 2002 he man that I hadn’t seen before. That showed Skellitor’s face before he was skellitor (and gave him the awkward highschool years name of Keldor– along with an evil errol flynn face). It reminded me of the action figure they made showing Inspector Gadget’s Dr Claw’s always hidden face.

I find this kind of stuff fascinating but also a disappointing– It’s plumbing the depths of all the secrets of childhood. Some of the joy of this shit is that it never gets told and doesn’t always make sense. Plus Dr claw should clearly have a robot cat head.

It’s getting late I gotta run. Here’s this.

And some maps I’ve been looking at to plan my trip.

Here’s a talk I did with the Dancing Robot dudes.

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20 Responses to before the roosters yawn

  1. Egypt Urnash says:

    Have an awesome time down in Hyborea Stumptown!

  2. Sports says:

    Ah, that Nausicaa map, I’ve been so into the comics lately, I think it’s some kind of moebius withdrawal where I can’t get my hands on his stuff so I go for the next best thing. I love how it seems like a much bigger world than in the movie, also I noticed the slugs in MW look like the slugs in Nausicaa, was that intentional? And I hadn’t seen that FLCL map before but it’s awesome.

    And this is another cool Tintin cover that wasn’t on that list, I figure Mr. Stokoe might appreciate it

  3. kevinczap says:

    Oh shit! Where’d you find that FLCL map?! Amazing. I also really like those Yui pages.

    Good luck and have fun at Stumptown! Seems like a show to check out sometime.

  4. itzaviv says:

    Ha I tried drawing like Stokoe just now. I can see how it can actually be comfortable if you’re used it, not as crazy as it looks… I guess. No, I take that back – it still looks crazy.

  5. mmmmmike says:

    man i wish that new frank quitely project was wonder trio hentai. THAT would be epic.

  6. ramon says:

    artbook! awesome news!

  7. Joe Keatinge says:

    I would like to endorse the endorsement for Jhosephine Tan. She’s an incredible talent.

  8. Kai says:

    I actually remember watching the reboot of He-Man, it was my main exposure to the series and was pretty decent if I remember. I’m not sure if the original series had the element of Skeletor’s head being nothing but a floating skull, but that was a pretty fantastic thing in my opinion.

    Also I find it kind of hilarious that somebody drew porn of Wonder Three/ The Amazing Three. Certainly not surprising, but still hilarious.

  9. Wood says:

    Wow, an artbook ? I never buy those, usually, but I might just make an exception this time !

    It’s funny how Youtube offers us to watch interview with the other Brandon Graham (the one who is a football player) right after yours…

    Also, those Toshiki Yui pages are gorgeous, I’ve got to look into that artist a bit more…

  10. J says:

    If no one’s gonna say it I will: You are such a cutie in that video!

    And what’s this about an artbook??

  11. Black Cat is Awesome, go Tan, that last view through the pavement is so good.

    Also I’m loving the Pilote & Charlie cover, retro and awesome. This blog is full of inspiration and distraction!

  12. Looking forward to the artbook.

    I’m amazed at how James Stokoe draws, looks really uncomfortable, but it obviously works for him.

  13. Peter F says:

    Brandon, how does the Tokyopop shutdown affect the reprinting of King City…?

  14. Autsanaut says:

    I want paper with Gainax on it.

    I saw a cool map thing like that recently, which shows the times + places certain events happened, wherever they happened in the story. Kinda resembles Europe.

    Clicky link cuz I don’t think images work in the comments

    The comic it’s from is kinda crappy but I thought that was a good way of racapping the goings on (not that I can read it).

  15. Bill says:

    Artbook?! drool. Hope to meet you one day. Looking forward to the return of Warheadz.

  16. samax says:

    dammit! The interview ended right when it was getting to the good stuff! lol!

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