sweet comic books all night long


It’s been a busy week(s) me and Marian expanded our Bathat empire this week with 2 apartments in the same building. now i’ve got more drawing space than I’ve ever had.

Today I tried to draw my new drawing room but I didn’t like how it turned out so I turned the page over and drew this instead.

and some sketchbookery. I drew some of this while watching a Dirty pair OVA.

I read some comics tonight too.

I’m all about care bears. I really like the idea of their cloud kingdom with cloud cars and a meter that lets them know how much earth cares.

I like how they sit in care-a-lot and stake out the emotional well being of earth. It’s like a cop drama with clouds and emotions and bears. and without fucking cops.

and in this issue: puns.

I think I felt the care meter move.

In this one the Sandman gets his bag of magic sleep sand stolen by a guy named the Night mayor who has a pet Drizzly bear that makes ir rain on these hoes whenever he growls.

And I like this trick on the left where Funshine bear gets his word balloon and his care bear balloon mixed up.  Oh shit yes.

And I got this DHP with a Pat McEown short in it. I’m always impressed by McEown’s art and the tricks he pulls off. — I like in this one he’s got a bonus comic running along the bottom of the pages that ending ties in with the ending of the main story. And I like how he draws ladies.

I found this John Workman comic when I was down in Portland. I mostly know Workman from his lettering –like on Pope’s vertigo stuff (Marian was looking at a lot of his stuff when she lettered Beast) I’d only seen a couple panel comics he’d done in Heavy metal.

I like how the shorts in this all read like they were done on the fly, like sketchbook comics but with all this work put into the art.

And my pal Mr Inkstuds loaned me an early Heavy metal with some vaughn Bode Sunpot comics.

Sunpot was the first Bode stuff I saw when I was a kid. He’s one of those dudes like Moebius or Shirow for me, when I go back and look at his stuff I’m reminded where I learned and picked up so much of what I do.

The main thing that always hits me is how much of this dudes personality comes through in everything he does. He’s been dead a year longer than I’ve been alive (1975) and his work still it reads like it was made tomorrow.

The Sunpot blueprints and I’m all about Belinda Bump’s Body bean five ship on the right.

Here’s some nemiri pages I like how contrasting to the Workman stuff these pages feel more like they were done lose like sketchbook pages. I like those colors too.

More here:


Some Genma Taisen posters from a cartoon Otomo did character designs on. Look at how Akira poster that ish on the left is dawg. E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

and an Akira cover from Young magazine. So fucking cool. I like the fancy chairs mixed with the motorbike and wires.

Here’s a Dr Slump porn Dojin I liked the art in.

It starts out with Slump having this tv that shows him all these different Toriyama characters making tasteful lust.

And then on the right Arale comes in and pushes a thing on her wrist that makes quickly her of age to avoid anything awkward.

I really like the take on Toriyama’s style they did this in.

The whole thing is up here:


Aight, I’m off to make sweet love to some goddamn comic books.

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32 Responses to sweet comic books all night long

  1. kelvingreen says:

    He’s been dead a year longer than I’ve been alive (1975) and his work still it reads like it was made tomorrow.

    So true. It’s like he had a window into the future.

  2. seanvdm says:

    I can’t wait for that new Pat McEown book that’s coming out next month. looks fantastic.

  3. darrylayo says:

    Hey Brandon–I just read Tintin and the Shooting Star last night and this “Far North” comic reminds me of that. It’s such a great comic in a string of great comics. Just adventure every page!

    I’m probably going to read through the entire Little, Brown ADVENTURES OF TINTIN book series at one point in a big month-long cram session.

    Rock, rock on, to the break of PM Dawn

  4. kim says:

    you two can totally flirt now at the apartment mail boxes 🙂

  5. mmmmmike says:

    ‘are you kidding?! I shave every morning in case I get lucky!’
    ‘me too. see? …but not every morning.”


    I was talking with Bob Fingerman about Wanted Man at this past King Con while we lamented the lack of place for solid cartoonists like him and McEown in the broader market. One of his (and my) favorite comics of all time. I used to read those eight pages back in 8th grade, finish them, and bug out looking for what to read next for a minute or two before realizing I just wanted to reread it again…and again…

    that toriyama ape is on point. definitely giving it a look.

    ..But mostly, thanks for turning me on to Nemiri. Dude is bonkers. Stuff really reminds me how important looseness can be.

  6. Kev says:

    I’ve loved every piece of McEown’s work I’ve seen, from Grendel to his latest Hair Shirt, a book that is stunningly beautiful (you should totally read it).

    I remember seeing that Otomo Young Mag cover, back when Akira was still being published by Epic, and it amazed me back then. Otomo is just too good at laying out an image, it’s almost frightening.

  7. Mr.Esty says:

    Pat McEown is a genius; straight-up.
    I can always get a buzz off his stuff. Both WHAT he draws and HOW he draws it.

  8. Mike Myhre says:

    Oooooh man, I want that Pat McEown comic!

  9. I’ll chime in on the McEown love. He’s so damn good, and his output is frustratingly small and scattered. I’ll have to look out for his new book.

    • Brandon says:

      Yeah, It’d be great if someone put out a collection of his short stuff.
      I feel the same way about him that I do about Tom Herpich– dudes who are doing some of the best work in comics but so rare.

  10. James Lloyd says:

    So much good stuff. I can’t believe what comes out of your casual sketch inclinations. You’re right about the contemporary vibe of the late Bode; those characters look like he’s been designing the latest Super Mario or something. And I’m real glad you posted McEown’s Wanted Man– it’s no two ways in the running for best short story I’ve seen in the whole history of comics ever. One of those “doesn’t leave my desk” items. I’ve looked at it a hundred times… just completely perfect.
    BTW, you’re one of the few people who an get away with a public rumination on the Care Bears comic book. I’m looking forward to seeing how that care meter influences multiple Warheads.

  11. Sports says:

    I’m like the third dude to mention it but McEown’s Hair Shirt came out in english, and the guy is on some level I can’t even comprehend, like his lines are so sketchy yet it feels almost like ligne claire in a weird way.

    And that’s a really interesting way of dealing with a “bad” page, way better than scrunching them. I should try that.

  12. Egypt Urnash says:

    Bodé is so awesome. Everything he drew was just so lovably *squishy*. Even his nastiest, butchest death machines.

    I am getting horrible visions of a grim and gritty reimagining of the Care Bears as a cop drama. It’d probably be a lot like Kling Klang Klatch.

  13. Kai says:

    Aw man, the one Care Bear’s face in the second panel. That is the more intense look of sadness I have ever seen.

    I’ve actually watched Genma Taisen/Harmagedon, and I can safely sat that it’s one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Honestly, the fact that Otomo was involved in it makes it even more tragic how terrible it is for the fact that the DVD tries to sell itself specifically on the fact that he was involved in its production. There’s a couple of moments of nice animation, but the rest of it is only good for MST3K home games. (actually, I’d recommend it for that. It is a very good movie to make fun of. There is a lot to make fun of in that movie.)

  14. samax says:

    Care Bears is good, but I’m more of Muppet Babies man myself. But the Care Bear Stare is right up there with “form blazing sword”… Everything in this post was excellent!

  15. Inkstuds says:

    Bathat 2 will now be known as the shore house.

  16. Ken Viola says:

    Hello Brandon- A quick question. I have the tp of King City. What Image issues are in there?

  17. rev'd '76 says:

    Nice, squeezing in Gigi Rivera like that… & of course you turn her little lip-quiver into a fart gag. Genius or bathos? Whatever, you deserve a thigh-five.

  18. Brandon says:

    Good porn eye.
    also I like the word bathos.

  19. James Stokoe says:

    Write another goddamn blog about Care Bears or Strawberry Shortcake and I will knife you right between your buttery 34 year old ribs. CHOLA STYLE.

  20. Ralph says:

    That care Bears looks like only Destefano could have drawn it!
    Nicey, bookmarked a link from your…wtf 😀

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