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 I wanted to rant about a case the comic book legal defense fund (CBLDF!) is working to help fund.–
 Recently a guy got his computer searched while crossing the border into Canada ,They found some manga they didn’t like on it and now they’re talking about giving at least a year in prison and having him register as a sex offender.– for having comics.

My argument in favor of porn comics has always been that you just have the people who want to make it and the people who wants to read it and nobody who isn’t into it needs to get involved. All consensual ideas conveyed through lines on paper.

The idea of just getting in trouble for having a comic book on you is nuts, with no victim and the crime being an offensive combination of words and lines. It’s like trying to prosecute thoughts you don’t like.
I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that something you could draw could lead someone else to be locked up just by having it on their person.
and just looking at the list of books  CBLDF has on their site that have had problems at the border (how awkward would it be to have to explain why you are carrying a copy of The bone ranger)
–I’ve read a lot of these,  I have friends and have myself probably drawn worse things than what’s in most of these books.   

There’s more on it here:
I think it’s so important to do what we can to knock this type of shit down when it comes up.


Stuff has been good up in my little comic book village.

A talk I did with Sean Witzke went up on his site:


I’ve been working on 2 short comics — In the 1st trying to channel all my teenage love of Shirow and Adam Warren and Cyberpunk while in the other short I’m aiming for more arty. My drawing time has been split like the dudes from the Dark crystal — with  arty urRu  and dirty pair porn Skeksis.

Here’s a Skeksis page–the start of  a Dirty parody comic.

Is  Skeksy no?

It was really fun to look at all the different versions of the Dirty pair and try to do my own take. Ther’ve been so many serious dudes to rework the characters.

fujihiko hosono (who also did the Crusher Joe manga) Yoshikazu Yasuhiko( Venus wars Gundam, Arion) –his stuff on the left. and on the right Adam Warren.

This site has a shit ton about DP

and even panels from an early unpublished Warren comic.

Here’s some sketchbook stuff I drew watching DP episodes. – There’s a boat and Marian in there too.

and more sketchbook

And a nonsense walrus comic.



Colman Engle put up these rad pages of a comic he’s been drawing called WHITE SHELLS NC

I like all the white space on this page.

There’s something that works well about mixing a cartoony style with harsh subject. It evens things out nicely.

Yup. Shitclit.

Coleman’s site:


And here’s some King city drawings. nice nice nice.

Tyler Crookon the left (Of BPRD and upcoming Petrograd)

Justin Greenwood on the right. (resurrection)


Here’s some stuff by Push.

His site


A Otomo looking comic with some Tezuka characters crossing the street. (to get to the other side)


aaand some robotish Robot ish

I like this spaceship

some shirow model stuff.

star wars — I really like the reflection on her helmet. What does QPI sound like?

Elf 17

and a house drawing. ( i like the roof pig)

python 357– I like the rain over the black.

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  1. Kev H says:

    Isn’t your Skeksis-persona the one that brought us Multiple Warheads? If it’s responsible for Sexica, I’ll take your Skeksese work any day? 😛

    And thanks for introducing Coleman’s work, I love his cartoony style (it’s very Euro, and I’ve a bit of an obsession for that stuff these days).

  2. Marcel says:

    Maaaan, the CBLDF case seems stupid. I marvel at what makes a guy spend most of his waking day drawing little kids getting fucked by grown men, but if you clamp down on one thing you clamp down on em all. [Your combination of saying we need to knock this shit down with a picture of Obelix hitting someone upwards is making my head melt, too]

    Your Dirty Pair character sketches look so good it hurts. How long will the comic be?

    Also, when your walrus is getting hit by the little guy, I did think for a split second that he was getting cockslapped by the little guy’s whole body.

    Seen these?

    • Brandon says:

      Hola Marcel,

      Maybe it was fucking a cartoon octopus– Or some handholding they didn’t like the look of. I haven’t seen what he got in trouble for.

      Thanks– The DP thing should be around 10 pages.

      I had not seen the movie stuff. so cool.

  3. You’re a fascinating dude.

    I feel like the ideal of the law is to deal with those who are well out of bounds, so that the rest can enjoy the maximum amount of freedom. Those thresholds are wide and fluctuate a bit with the times, but that’s why cases are tried.

    Then I feel like the reality often is about a few constraining others as much as they can, probably for power and control; it’s tragic. If we could be prosecuted for the things we dream, we’d all get in a heap of trouble eventually. Art, to me, is the closest to a record of our dreams, reveries; our deepest ideas.

    Dark times.

  4. darrylayo says:

    The storytelling in the CBLDF piece of your article is the best

  5. Hi Pal!
    You’re like a comix drawin McDLT. Can you double check the link for Push’s site, Where is goes nobody nose. well actually It just goes to someone good but not japaneasy.
    Miss you pal,
    Uncle Filthy

  6. tomer says:

    that Skeksis page is amazing…

  7. KYTE says:

    I’m always kind of amazed when I see how big Fred Perry is. I was a head director at an incredibly small con in Fresno, CA for like five years, and he showed up as a special guest every time. I’m not a big fan of his stuff myself, but he does have talent, and is an interesting guy. I would always sit in on his panels when I had the chance, but in the back of my head, I’d be wondering “how did they find this guy?” (none of the directors really communicated with eachother, so I never found out…) Since I stopped working there, though, I’m seeing his name more and more and blogs and in the comix world.

    • Brandon says:

      I haven’t kept up on his stuff too much in recent years but I was really into it as a teenager.
      He certainly seems to draw a ton and is having fun with it.

      • Jes says:

        also, “Quu-Piiiiiiiii” !! like a lazer. like “pew pew pew”, high-pitched like.

      • Fred Perry is one of the most under appreciated guys in American comics I think. Regardless of how people view his style, he has been running his own IP for the last twenty plus years in the direct market. Which is an incredible feat to me.

        I also enjoy how he draws the ladies, but that is just me.

    • Jes says:

      I’m from Fresno, where is this Con you speak of?

  8. nout says:

    Interesting Coleman stuff.
    It looks a bit like Frank (from the French BD ‘Zoo’) back when he was doing the more whimsical series about a boy in Brussels & his dreamlike interpretation of the world. It’s called Ragebol in Dutch:

    So that’s me agreeing with Kev H up there.

    I love Tyler Crook art as well. He looks like a fun replacement for Guy Davis. BPRD is such good comics.

    Where & when will we be able to find those short comics you mention?
    Very much looking forward to any new material from you.

    All my best

  9. Derelict says:

    where did you find that star wars comic?!?! Please do tell!

  10. samax says:

    very Skeksy indeed. Are you planning on publishing this? It looks awesome!

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Samax,

      It’ll be in a porn anthology called the Thickness #2 along with some artists whose stuff I like lots–◦Angie Wang,◦Lisa Hanawalt ◦Michael DeForge and Mickey Zacchilli.
      It should be cool.

  11. Cole P says:

    That Dirty Pair page is killer! Makes me feel like the 21 pages I sketched for my newest issue means nothing! Damn I gotta get more cyberpunk-esque vibe going..

    I dig the Skeksis concept too, I feel I kind of got that vibe going with Astral Projection with these future issues I have in mind with The Comix Czar only explaining stories where the main characters die while the Tundra Wizard tells stoner/fun stories. You didn’t bring up MW… what’s up with that?! I want the new issue in my hands now!!

    Also that Polar bear piloted airplane with tusks, mouth, a drill tongue and crown totally scares the living shit out of me

  12. Cyberpunk for the sake of Cyberpunk sounds like a good recipe to me. Why is Dirty pair so cool? Makes me wish headbands would mount a comeback.

    Really dig that sketchy Otomo comic. I love seeing people as technically skilled as him do more freehand / sketchy work.

    Also, I am willing to bet you are aware of Boulet, but he just put up a great video of him working freehand and I figure you’d dig it.

    • Brandon says:

      I’m not even sure if that is Otomo or just someone drawing like him.

      I wasn’t aware of Boulet, that video is awesome. I wonder if he’d already drawn layouts.

      • I’ve been trying to figure that out ever since I saw his steampunk video that he has up on that same youtube channel. I believe he is an animator, so him being able to draw so well free hand doesn’t surprise me if that is the case. There was some really funny, urban, French cartoon I remember seeing about a year ago that looked like it was animated in his style, but I have been unable to find it since being reminded of it by his channel.

        I recommend checking out his blog that is linked in the video. He has an English version as well, but it is very far behind his French version in terms of updates.

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  14. Wood says:

    I don’t think the link is right for Push (it leads to the site of a cartoonist named Roman Muradov).

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  16. ME says:

    I’d like to purchase one of your original pages of work and at one point could locate the URL to your stuff for sale, but cannot any longer. Please contact me via email, if possible.

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