In every line I drop.


I need to type on here more. It was taking me a minute to adjust to working on a monthly schedule but I’ve adjusted. I’m on my –The more I draw the more I draw– mantra.

It seems to work that way for me, or at least the more fun I let myself have with it the more I’m into drawing all day. Today was a really nice day and I caught myself just hoping the sun would go down sooner so I could really jump into the pages.

I drew this thinking about one of the joys of hunting for comics being finding something crazy. I was looking at the shelves wanting something seriously different. so yeah, A call for risk.

I’ve been having a fun time working on Prophet. Good to ditch my crutches– in the past I could rely on drawing sexy lady art and jokes so my Prophet issue has neither of those. I’m just aiming for straight up robot space adventure.

Here’s the not quite finished page I was inking tonight. Jaxson robots flying up to an Earth empire built ring around a planet. and the ring has got these space slugs feeding off of it. This was drawn listing to more GNR & Aerosmith than I’d like to admit.

I’m about 5 pages from done with this issue. and then I’m going back to working on Multiple warheads. If all goes as planned the new Warheads will start coming out through Image starting in October.

And here’s a page by missterrr Giannis Milonogiannis with colors by Joseph Bergin III for the next Prophet issue #25 we just turned in–out in a month:

Here’s a couple of my sketchbook drawings–I did this one in a coffee shop.

annnd this was drawn mostly off of other pictures

Here’s my last grocery receipt with some T2 on it– and a coaster I grabbed from the Seattle Emerald city con where Mr Pen Ward of Adventure time fame drew me.

and Speaking of Adventure Time, my homie Tom Herpich(who works on that show) drew this rad Prophet pin up:

Tom’s site:


And thissss Prophet by Lin Visel:(her site–

And there’s the Prophet Fan art site:– so much cool stuff on there.

And because we’re past the first big reveal I’ll show some of the roughs I was passing Simon. This a pieced together mess I sent him to show what I was thinking for the end of #23–

and What Simon and Richard Ballermann, on colors did in the end–


Here’s some pages from a comic by Paul Bohm that I like the look of:

More on his site:

and some 80’s manga covers I like.

And here’s a sketchbook collaboration between me and Craig Thompson:

Craig’s site–

Aight, I will leave you with a page from this Naitou2 (F4U) Kisai no Yoru porn manga I like these little troll dudes and how well the artist uses the sound effects to show movement.

I bid you a dude.


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23 Responses to In every line I drop.

  1. the trolls kind of look like the lorax!
    what would devito say?

  2. Fil Barlow says:

    Wow thanks for showing what’s ahead for Prophet, inspirational! I’m proud to be associated with it in some small way, thank you for taking the risks and opening the portal for others to join your ranks.

  3. Wood says:


    I like the fact that you put all these pictures there to figure different planets, yet almost all of them are taken on the same planet.

    I wonder who, in Science-Fiction, started the one planet – one environment thing, like desert planet, ice planet, forest planet ?

    • Brandon says:

      It makes sense to have Ice planets and desert planets since those would exists, maybe forest planet is pushing it..

      It always threw me off in Star trek stuff where planets get treated like they aren’t much bigger than cities.

      • Wood says:

        On the other hand, if there is only one spaceport on the planet, there would be many travellers who would never go further than the 10 or 20 miles surrounding it, because that would be where most of the fun and business area for space travellers would be, and life on the rest of the planet would be very different…

  4. Whoa, MW is coming out through Image now instead of Oni?

    Also, in the thing you drew off other pictures–is the chick in the top film-strip-type area from this A$AP Rocky video?

    • Brandon says:

      Good rap video eye Mr Brothers. Yeah, that’s what I was drawing off of.
      I wonder if that video was something I’d seen through a link you put up.

      And yeah, I moved MW over to Image. The guys at Image have been amazing to work with and it made sense to do my long term personal ish there too.

  5. schmidt says:

    Yo Brandon, always cool to see updates on here. Digging prophet hxc.

    Are you gonna be at tcaf this weekend?

  6. Kim Kirsch says:

    Oh man, it’s cool to see you draw some straight srz bzns sci-fi stuff again. ❤

  7. Ian MacEwan says:

    So Warheads is coming out through Image now? Just checkin in case that’s a typo or something.

  8. cloudman57 says:

    I need to stop reading your blog, it only makes the wait between issues of Prophet twice as unbearable!

    That reveal spread would make a kickass poster by the way.

    Oh and just curious, but was Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga short Memories a visual influence for #24? The idea of derelict ships clustering together, the drones left to guard, the remnants of a bygone era left behind and other things remind me of it in ways.

  9. Man, I like how you post stuff like “oh yeah pen ward drew me, no big whoop, yeah here’s a drawing a did with craig thompson it’s cool, no sweat” and meanwhile I’m like running in circles around flipping out ’cause everything you post is so rad.

    Is there any chance we’ll get a “Brandon Graham Compendium” somewhere down the line with all your old out-of-print stuff that I’m finding on the internet, like Escalator and October Yen and all the little pinups and backups and contributions to collections you’ve done?

  10. Jake says:

    Would you ever consider uploading the original King City one shot with the owls starting the street riot you’ve wrote about? It would be pretty interesting to see.

  11. Tim says:

    I picked up King City on a whim, and I have been totally blown away by the creativity in this book. Well done, sir. Also, a few weeks ago the podcast, “Bullseye with Jesse Thorn” featured King City in a very positive light.

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