What the fuck I do

I’ve finished drawing Prophet #26. It was a living hell, I deserve a huge raise.

I was thinking about how one of the best things about making comics is how scary it can be. I think for the good moments where everything is going perfect I need the terror that an issue might be a huge failure.  I feel like I’m always teetering on the edge of my best work is behind me. It makes me want to do things I haven’t done yet or try to out do what I’ve done before. So that’s goooood.

Anyway, look at this rad cover Fil Barlow did for Prophet #29

That’s the kind of cover that makes me want to come up with ideas worthy of it when you open the book. Here’s Fil’s deviantart: http://filbarlow.deviantart.com/

and on there a 1986’Real Ghostbusters Janine design Fil did:



Also also the hardcore lady I kiss on the mouth, my dear sweet Marian has been working on some exciting comic pages. Here’s a couple from a Mass Effect comic she did recently just for fun. She didn’t like the end of the 3rd game and took it on herself to draw up her own version that she did like 10 pages of and then her time got overtaken by her own comic.

Here’s the first 3 pages:

Bah so cool. Marian’s site: http://hchom.com/

And here’s a sketchbook thing I drew of an unshaven me harassing Marian:

And here’s some Outlanders and Mysterious skin fan art I did:


And my pal misssterrrr James Stokoe just put up a post with this monstrosity he’s had taped to his desk this past month:

I’m pretty excited about the Godzilla shizz he’s doing too. More here: http://orcstain.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/only-masers-can-keep-us-apart/


I ran into this old Adam Warren Dirty pair ad– that ran in a 1988 issue of Animag. This is the ad I saw when i was 12 that’s had me buying everything DP or Warren since.

The whole Animag issue is up here: http://animeofyesteryear.blogspot.ca/2012/04/evidence-10-animag-saga-issue-4.html

And here’s the first couple pages of a 1986 DP porn comic — I like the art of–where they shave Mughi. That Coeurl  has a rough life.

The whole thing– http://g.e-hentai.org/g/480897/0bb8ae9bee/?p=2


I read some comics.

I got this Steve Lafler Dog boy out of a 3 for a dollar bin. mannn this is a fun book.

I read a thing years ago where Moebius talked about how when an artists is given freedom they go for sex or violence– but how cool it is to see someone trying freedom beyond that.

Dog boy is comic characters getting all existential and going on spirit journeys. There’s a good part where to win an argument Dog boy shows his girlfriend another version of herself that’s a dolphin.

I like this part where they drive upside down and just hang out there drinking a 6 pack like it aint no thing:

and then Sir Issac Newton comes after them pissed in a truck, like he was Judge Dredd “I AM THE LAW!”.

Anarcoma– Nazirio has set the self portrait standard with this one:

and here’s another one of him:

“Oh hey, don’t mind me just hanging out in front of some newd gay art.” I think it’s his mutant power that every photo of him taken comes out like that. His highschoool yearbook was aWKward…

I really like how into Tom of Finland dude is. to the point that his characters in the middle of this sex, murder spy comic keep mentioning him:

And then later in the book after our hero has walked in on this sex robot, XM2 (that for some reason is a bald dude with a beard) she’s so casual with her pal that they just brush aside the necrophiliac murder, choke ,attack, to just talk about his dick and Tom of Finland art.

These Romans are crazy.

And most of the pages are all full of dense Tintin sized panels and then he just throws in this giant Tom of Finland fan art:

And with that I am off. I’m starting My next Multiple Warheads issue this week. I am excited.

I’m thinking of adding a chose your own adventure breakfast.

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23 Responses to What the fuck I do

  1. REYYY says:

    TUFF NUTS!!!!!!

  2. Fil Barlow says:

    Congrats on finishing the issue, best of luck on the Multiple Warheads. Thanks for the mention, I hope people like the cover!

  3. ferburton says:

    That cover is amazing Fil! Really spectacular Real Ghostbusters work too, I love that fact that such a great artist had such an impact on my childhood without me even knowing all this time.
    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for new Multiple Warheads. It’s my favorite Graham world and I get excited with every new preview put up!

  4. darrylayo says:

    “choose your own adventure?” those were the best books. Turn page, ahh! Bad ending! Turn back.

  5. jho says:

    tell her i love her effects.

  6. Me and my friends have been using “Blah blah blah dicks” to sum up our conversations for years or to cut off annoying ones. It’s pretty funny to see it in a comic. And I love when I see “blah blah blah” or whatever in word balloons, like the writer is as annoyed with a character as we are. “This character’s talking, but who cares, y’know?”

    Marian should definitely post that Mass Effect comic, even unfinished. I bet it’d set the internet on fire, and it’s super pretty besides.

  7. skmonteiro says:

    Prophet has been killing it, so I’m excited to see you draw it too! Also Marian’s work is amazing! More by her, I say! MORE! And that spread by Stokoe is jaw dropping.

  8. Matthew Southworth says:

    Love all this stuff (and I’m excited to see your issue of Prophet, of course). But that thing Marian did–holy jesus balls! That’s AMAZING. Wow, would love to see that in print or in person sometime.

    Congrats on finishing the issue–the only thing better than drawing a comic is finishing drawing a comic!

  9. Pingback: Warren Ellis » Fil Barlow

  10. Dude, in that second pic, Nazirio kinda looks like a dude you’d draw. Like the chin, nose, and “s’up, guy?” expression just make him look like he’d be hanging out in King City, selling Tom of Finland zines.

  11. Belafonte Kearning says:

    A Lone Wolf breakfast.

  12. I must thank you for upping the traffic on my blog in the past week or so, glad to find someone who likes what I post.

  13. CC says:

    Hi! I was trying to find the rest of Marian’s Mass Effect comic but I didn’t see it on her site! How can I find the rest of it? It’s AMAZING! Garrus is my favorite.

  14. Mike Greene says:

    Prophet is the best comic in the world.

  15. Julius says:

    After all of the good shit you write for PROPHET, you do deserve a raise. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the Warheads Comic.

  16. machu22 says:

    Is Mr. Milonogiannis going to be drawing any more issues of prophet? I’m not sure if there is a correlation, but he is my favorite artist that has been on the book by far, and this has also been my favorite issue by far. Please get him to do more issues!

    • Brandon says:

      Yeah, Giannis is drawing the next 5 issues and then 6 more next year.
      I’m glad you like what he’s doing since he’ll be drawing more Prophet than anyone else.

      • machu22 says:

        awesome! It’s always been a good read with a lot of cool ideas, but I’m pretty sure this was the issue I started loving it. Can’t wait to read your issue too!

  17. Frank says:

    Do you use Sakura brushpens (for what I see in the first pic)? I like their trace a lot, but the point gets ruined very fast… Do you buy them by the truckload? 😀

    • Brandon says:

      Which first picture?
      The Fil Barlow cover?

      For filling in blacks on my stuff I just have a refillable brush pen that i dip in a bottle.
      But yeah the Sakura stuff is good for small areas.

      • Frank says:

        No, I meant the photo of you drawing 😛 I ask because the first time I tried the Sakuras I liked them a lot, but the point gets ruined in practically nothing… Some people told me that they ink with them, just buy a whole bunch (so I’m guessing they are really cheap in the U.S.)
        PS; I’m hyped you have Giannis on board. I’ve been adicted to his work since I first saw his Old City Blues… He’s one of my favourites of that new bunch of artists with international influences… Crazy someone could synthesize such different styles as Shirow and Pratt in his own, and make it look so natural–

        • Brandon says:

          Oh ok, those pens! (I always think of them as Pimas and forget the Sakara part)
          They’re like $3 a pen.I use the #3’s and #5’s and maybe I draw kind of light. I never have any problems with the points. They seem to last awhile but a lot of my pals have moved onto other kinds of pens. Stokoe draws with something that looks like a ballpoint now. –I’m not sure what kind it is. It might be either interesting (but maybe boring) to put up a post on the kinds of tools all the dudes around me use.

          And yeah, I’m thrilled to have Giannis on Prophet as well. He’s been doing such good work and he’s fast too.

  18. Steve Lafler says:

    Hey Brandon, I got a kick out of your post with that old issue of Dog Boy, glad you liked it, and what a perfect thing to be paired with Anarchoma by Nazario! Ha ha!
    Hey I did a signing for my new book last week at Locust Moon comics in Philly — Chris the owner was raving about you, natch. All the best, Steve L.

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